Stupidest thing ever.

Whole Foods, the local organic food supermarket, is now selling 8oz of fucking WATER for $2.50. And they’ve got the stupidest brochure to go along with it. I mean, look at this:

“At birth, approximately 75% of our body weight is made up of water. As our body ages, the percentage of water decreases. An elderly person’s body weight is only about 50% water. Water is essential to the performance of virtually every body function. We cannot live without it.”

THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKING SELLING SOMETHING. I mean, DAMN! This is dihydrogen monoxide, a rather freaking plentiful molecule around the whole world. I think we KNOW that we’ll die without hydration. We’re supposed to pay $2.50 for this.

Then it goes on to say that these “aquaporin” (which I so bet are made up (prove me wrong)) don’t let most “water molecule clusters” into human cells, therefore no matter HOW much tap water we drink, we’ll still DIE. Of course…

“The US Food & Drug Administration has not evaluated these claims. This product is not intended for the prevention, cure, or treatment of any disease.”

IT’S WATER, YOU FREAKS. And by the time the FDA does get to you, you’ll be bankrupt.

So what they do is they take all the flouride and other mostly beneficial trace chemicals out of tap water and they give you pure water that doesn’t CLUMP. Although everyone knows that distilled water is the purest you can get.

Damn. Either $2.50 is a misprint, or the world’s been shot to hell. And I’ve heard claims from people who have bought it. “The water tastes good” and “it’s got a clear plastic label on it… that’s cool.”

One more thing: I don’t think that buying bottled water is awful. I mean, it’s necessary at times, if you look at the story of Erin Brockovich. The people’s water supply was so contaminated that their lives were being ruined. So it’s okay to buy a 16oz bottle of Aquafina or Calistoga or even some generic brand for 33 cents (which is what I’ve seen as the usual price) if your water gives you AIDS or some shit. But $2.50! And we’re in Marin County, where there’s plenty of rain which washes away most pollution that is given off in this age where cars are cleaner.

So the next time you drink tap water and you don’t like the taste of it, move to another planet or something, because that’s how WATER tastes. Making it “purer” will not make it the drink of the gods.

One could say I've been blind to true happiness.

Now anyone knowing me in real life would say I’m a freak, but just a good time that I had tonight has made me feel better than I’ve felt in a long time. For a while, I’d go around sort of boasting, saying that “I’m happier than thou,” making the statement somewhat of a trophy of my constant optimism and thankfulness of being alive.

But now I’ve noticed that that has little to do with emotion. Emotion is caused by interpersonal contact. That’s a little thought that I’m even sorting out in my head even as I’m writing this. One can say they’re happy about being alive and express the joy they feel moment to moment being on this great earth. I may be stretching it a bit, but I think that none of these emotions would exist at all if it were not for interaction with other living things.

So this isolation that I’ve been priding myself with has made me learn little about how I really function in a working society. I’m not required to be a negative person when I shut myself away, but the time spent by myself makes me really reflect on how society functions without me. That’s how most misers and other general depressed people live their lives.

Getting back into specifics about me, I had a blast watching two great performances, each with one of my friends in them, Lauren and Hannah. Lauren did an amazing job as the Witch in Into the Woods, and Hannah, although she probably played about a million roles, was astounding in the fast-paced production of Tommy. Just talking to them, both of us sort of dazed after two hours of high-energy performing, was a great boost for me. Hannah and I, along with a couple other friends, went for ice cream after Tommy, and had a great time chatting it up about things from porn to banana splits to Spongebob Squarepants underwear (although one could say they’re all related in some way).

So coming home and picking up an old middle school yearbook I had laying around, I just got one of those feelings in my stomach reminiscing on old times and friends. It was one of those “my god was it a great day” sort of feelings.

Or maybe it was just the feeling of the giant sundae in my stomach with which I just drove home at about 60 MPH.

Well that's just fucking WEAK

Guess what? A certain file in the KaZaA Downloads Folder attracted my sister’s eye today because of its cute little blue script picture on the icon. Get my drift?

All of my MP3s and JPGs, among other things, are gone or good as gone.

While we were away eating some food during the time we all call dinner (except for some who call it supper), my computer was being busy busy turning every single media file on my computer into a Virtual Basic Script. This is unrecoverable since the data has been written over. So yup, tens of thousands of media files are gone.

This isn’t a horribly terrible thing, though. I’ve deleted all malicious files and any instances of them from the Registry, and most of my vital pictures and things are online, anyway. And it didn’t touch South Park the Movie, so I’ll still be able to enjoy that.

DAMN YOU, Shakira. If it wasn’t for you and your manipulation of the tastes of preteen girls, you would have never gotten my sister to open a VBS disguised as your song.

I love a person that can take me seriously.

I’ve been walking around in a daze today. It’s just so completely hard to put into words how I feel, but I guess there’s a good way to sum it up: I’ve never been so emotional about how emotionless I am. One would understand that this is a very hard thing to cope with. It’s wavering between two extremes, two extremes that are the reasons for one another.

I’ve written about how I’ve been emotionless before. I barely cared about the lives lost in September 11. I left my mom’s house multiple times without shedding a tear. It’s only been recently when I’ve been consulting and solving others’ emotional dilemmas that my own emotions have been coming out.

The most recent example is the masterfully done movie Amelie, which I saw today. Even though it’s lighthearted, it’s heartwarming, and it almost had me on the verge of tears. Getting into specifics, Amelie relates to me very much. Like Amelie, I have no problem living solitarily, watching the world go by while minding my own business. But once I get into solving the problems of others, it starts to occur to me that I need to feed my own building up feelings.

This caring for other people? This selflessly solving their problems? I barely have done anything in the past that has not revolved around personal gain. I call these selfless acts of real love, which I have really never felt in the past. It’s a real awakening for me.

Whether this is a step above my emotionless view from the past, or a backtrack into cheesy teenage emotions, I couldn’t care less. I think I’m old enough to live in the moment and decide how I feel about myself, and now, how I really feel for others.

What would make me feel best, though, is if I loved and was loved back. That possibility is not far away.

Is it that hard for her to see how much I care?

I’ve been in a particularly artsy mood in the past week or so, yet I still cannot drive myself to making MIDIs. I guess it’s my short attention span, or at least a stubborn inability to follow through with things. At least I’ve been fulfilling my own desires by editing HTML like a mofo.

I’m mainly working on my new site design this week, but so far it only works in Internet Explorer. Call me a Microsoft-lover, but that’s the ONLY way it should be. Internet Explorer for Windows, Internet Explorer for Mac, and, uh, crap on other Unix users. The problem is that my new design’s got a whole shitload of Javascript and DIV tags, both of which completely hold the page up. I’ll probably keep good ol’ v.2 of this site up for those unlucky users to prefer Opera or, ugh, Netscape.

I am still totally amazed by emma for some reason. I aim to be as good a website designer as her one day (she also did Penny Arcade multiple times), and to make every one of my blogs as fulfilling as hers. I hope to be as masculine one day as well. :P

My internship is winding down (case in point: I’m writing this at work), and thank goodness. I really don’t know if I’ve learned a lesson from this, or if I’ve just been helplessly screwed around all summer. What I’m talking about is that I haven’t been paid a dime for all the work I’ve done. My internship appeared to be paid until my boss jacked the deal around and told me to get paid by finding work by myself. AHEM, I BELIEVE THAT’S CALLED BEING SELF-EMPLOYED.

Today is officially the last day of my internship. That means that I won’t be graded down if I don’t come anymore. There will be this celebratory dinner for us interns and employers… whoopee. But I think I’ll keep on lugging my ass over until Friday. I don’t think that today would be a good day to tell my boss that there’s no way in HELL that I’d ever come back if no money flowed in my direction. I repeat: WASTED SUMMER.

Happy day!

Boy was today fun. I started it off by talking to my grandpa for the first time in my entire life. My mom’s dad, Joe, has been very distant from the rest of our family for a long time. It’s only been recently that my mom has actually visited him and since then, there have been some friendly gestures going back and forth. The latest one is a $2500 Bar Mitzvah gift for me to spend after college. To thank Joe, I called him up.

He seemed like a really nice, wise and wisecracking guy. We stayed simple in all the topics that we went through, since talking about too much in one conversation would have been too overwhelming. So it was really just an introduction of sorts. Now I actually have a grandfather. My dad’s dad died a few months before I was born.

I drove my mom’s friend Paula and her dog to the east side of the SF Bay to go to this giant dog park in Richmond. This dog park was completely huge. It was right on the shore of the bay, so my mom’s two dogs, Paula’s dog, and another one of mom’s friends Elaine’s dogs (whew) had a blast running around this giant path, along with a few hundred other dogs. My mom and I haven’t ever really been around dogs since about two years ago when we got Java.

Here’s what sorta ruined the day, though. Two nights ago, Badturkeys (who hates this new commenting system) informed me that a girl talked to him, saying she was in my chem class and has a crush on me. Now this seemed pretty far-fetched, but I thought that maybe finally I was going to be accepted for who I am. So yesterday was spent on Trillian waiting for her to log on. I finally called her today, and found out that she has no infatuation of the kind. She informed me that it was her sisters playing a prank on me.

I sort of expected this, seeing that this girl’s sister is MY sister’s best friend. The whole scheme could have partially been the work of my sister. Whatever it is, it’s made me rather disappointed. If I had emotions, I’d be crushed by now.

Well, back to watching Invader Zim, which completely kicks everything’s ass.

“If you look for him, he will be ready to touch your star.” – Fortune cookie I ended up NOT eating.

Although I’m now on my new server and I have all these cool CGI options in front of me, I’m stickin’ with good old Blogger. It’s just too nifty. (Unless someone can find a way to link my comments button to my new message board, using Blogger or not…)

What have I been doing this summer? Lots of things. Let’s see if I can remember them all…

Mainly, there’s my summer internship at PlanetLink. It’s a nice little company and I’m having fun working, but it’s completely not what I expected. First of all, it’s unpaid. I had expected to get big money this summer for a new computer, and to save up some dough for college. I was originally going to sign up to become a camp counselor. I had been a counselor-in-training for the past two years, and since I’m now 16, the time has finally come when I can get paid. My mom said, why not do something you aim to do for a living? So I almost immediately ditched the counselor idea, and went to my career center to look at internship possiblities.

Terra Linda’s School-to-Career (STC) liason showed me a list of internships. Only one dealt with computers – it was an Autodesk internship, where I would be redesigning their “Point A” website and getting paid $10/hour. (Autodesk is the biggest company in Marin, besides Lucasfilm, probably.) I was a bit too late to get all the applications done to complete my resume, so I let that one slide. My STC liason said that there would be many more internships coming in over the summer. Glee!

Not so glee. What I didn’t know was that that Autodesk internship didn’t really have much to do with the school. I wouldn’t have to check into STC much to say how it’s going. It’d be pretty much like a real job. I’d get a big ol’ paycheck. How do I know this? One of my good friends snagged the job instead. I was left with the new internship opportunities. It must have been written in the disclaimer somewhere, in very tiny letters, that I’d have to go to a freaking class in addition to my internship. And it must also have said that I have no chance of getting into Autodesk with the class I’d be taking.

Let me explain: STC hooks kids up with up with internships all the time, but they also offer classes to go along with many of them. These classes are run by either Marin County Office of Education’s Regional Occupational Program (ROP), or by the College of Marin (COM). I chose the ROP one, because it didn’t seem like as much class time, and that there were many more internship opportunities. I shouldn’t have picked EITHER. These classes are aimed toward poor kids not aiming toward college, with lessons on sitting up straight, opening one’s eyes when they are talked to, and how to ALWAYS have one’s fork on the left and knife on the right. That’s why there were no Autodesk internships. No one loser enough to take the class would be at all qualified for it.

So before the class started and when I was presented with my job openings, I was just a little suspicious that there was no Autodesk calling my name. Instead, there were not-very-close-by jobs that offered no pay, except for one, which was PlanetLink, which stated, “unpaid or paid depending on experience.” Well, hell! I was experienced! I was being paid 40 freakin’ dollars per hour the year before to work on a Flash animation! Of course I’d be able to rack in some serious dough designing websites and fixing computers.

Nope. Not a cent since I’ve started. I should have paid a little bit closer attention to the interview, as my employer/supervisor/boss/president/CEO/ONLY PERSON IN THE FRIGGIN’ “COMPANY”, Steve, told me that it’d be “unpaid to start out with,” but I’d be “paid a fixed amount once a new client comes in.” Well you can guess that Steve hasn’t always been the only person at the company. It’s a dot-com startup. He’s had hard times and has had to let a lot of employees go. This is because he probably hasn’t gotten any new clients in a very long time. So summing it all up, no new clients = no money for Jeffrey. No new clients.

Keep in mind that I haven’t been blogging much because I don’t have much to complain about. That means that even though I’m not being paid, what I’m doing is fun. I’ve designed a few websites for some “old” clients, and I’ve set up some Macs to run on his big ol’ server. There’s another intern here as well, Dan, and since he’s more experienced with hardware than software (and me vice-versa), we’re both learning new things. The class I have to attend? Boring as hell. I’m not learning anything. It’s a waste of my time. Now that I actually have something I want to buy, I feel like I’ve been completely wasting my summer, and I can’t get out of this bind or else I’ll fail the class and get a bad recommendation. And that’s all I’ll really get out of this… a recommendation.

As I said before, I want to buy a computer of my own, to which no one else can restrict my access or modify. I’m aiming for a price of about $1000; that means that it should be state-of-the-art or up to 6 months old. All my internet buddies are shouting out “build your own!” but I’m not very sure about that. For one thing, there are bound to be hardware conflicts, there will be no warranty, and no software included. That’s why I’m aiming to get another Dell. (And it’s also been said that I look a bit like the Dell guy. :P) No one’s really convinced me that there are any better reasons to build my own, besides “YUO CAN PUTT IN TEH ASUSS P4S333-VM MOMBORED!!!!!~~~” which I really don’t care about. (Addendum: Oooohohohoo, fellow intern Dan has introduced me to Price Watch. Although the sellers seem a little shady, they look like better deals than what I have been seeing recently.)

I never said I wasn’t getting any money this summer, though. My mom is starting up a little side-business, called Professional Matchmaking. She’s getting me to install all the forms, tweak the design, and scold her about how much she should NOT have bought any package from And I’m up to about $400 toward my new computer. I guess I’m on the right track, besides the fact that I’m saving up my money on PayPal. I have no idea why, but at least they’re now owned by eBay and my money is somewhere in an FDIC-insured bank, so I’ll probably be able to get all of it back in one piece when it comes time to buy.

And last weekend! My friend Omid‘s 17th birthday party. It was fun, and not as structured as in previous years. Like, last year we went to the Metreon to eat, play DDR and watch movies. This year, we went to Chili’s, I brought DDR over to his house and we just went to the mall for a movie. I also got to play Halo, GTA3, and Max Payne for the first time. They’re great, great games, but I’m sorta glad I didn’t buy them… they’re not really my types of games. Shooty shooty bang bang.

We saw Reign of Teh Fire really late at night. James and I tried to count as many clichés as we could during the film. We knew it was a bad movie before we started, but I personally didn’t know what to expect. I’m not a big American media freak, so I don’t watch TV or go to the movies often. James stated in his review that it was completely awful and ruined his summer streak of good movies, while I didn’t really know what to think. It definitely wasn’t as entertaining as Mino
rity Report or Star Wars II, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at Matthew McConaughey’s character, who was more of a clichéd American than Duke Nukem, but it had a somewhat decent setting, as a post-apocalyptic Earth ruled by dragons. The shots of the dragons kicked ass, by the way… nice visual effects.

I’m spending WAY too much time in #rpgcomics as the newest op. I have to leave it open in the background all day to calculate stats, but that means that it’s a distraction when I sit down and use the computer. I’ve gotten barely any work done on my MIDIs, and I hope that my one paid requester isn’t shooting himself thinking that he’s been ripped off. I AM working on “Brian Wilson,” however slowly. I have done a few other cute things, though, like that test, and my new buddy icon (that’s a Matrix reference, not Viagra).

Also, I have a confession to make. I, Jeffrey Faden, am a VOICE ACTOR. I’ve been VAing for a few months, and my voice has been featured in a few projects. The biggest one is The Echo Chronicles, which seems to be an anime show. I play a villain, Bass. Voice acting for me is strictly a side-activity, and it’s only about once or twice a week that I check the Flava Board for new audition openings. It’s not really my style because of all the Japanese influence (most of the projects are fandubs), but I do it because I just like acting with my voice. Maybe if I ever garner enough creativity to write (and finish) a story, I’ll turn it into a voice show. And it’ll have as little to do with anime as possible.

As a sharp contrast to being an amateur anime voice actor, I’m also working out a lot at Gold’s Gym. I’ve got a personal trainer, an ex-soccer player from Brazil (!) named Marcos. He’s a really great guy. Not only have I been able to lift twice as much since I started about a month ago, but he’s also been teaching me Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that Eddy Gordo uses in Tekken 3, and also encourages playing DDR as much as possible (good cardio exercise). He’s definitely worth it, and I’m beginning to grow out of my old shirts (finally a reason to get a new wardrobe). Speaking about DDR, I actually beat James at a dance recently. That probably means I’m getting better at it.

Finally, my parents are requiring that I read for an hour a day, or else they shut off my internet for the night, or something like that. Although it’s summer, I have a lot of preparing to do for next year. I’ll be taking the SAT IIs in French, Writing/Literature, and Math. And then come the college applications. So I have SAT books to read and the like. I think it’s a fair deal, although most people at #rpgcomics disagree with me. That’s because they’re all SLACKERS, you hear? GET LIVES, ALL OF YOU!! Or else I’ll keep believing that you’re all imaginary people.