Happy day!

Boy was today fun. I started it off by talking to my grandpa for the first time in my entire life. My mom’s dad, Joe, has been very distant from the rest of our family for a long time. It’s only been recently that my mom has actually visited him and since then, there have been some friendly gestures going back and forth. The latest one is a $2500 Bar Mitzvah gift for me to spend after college. To thank Joe, I called him up.

He seemed like a really nice, wise and wisecracking guy. We stayed simple in all the topics that we went through, since talking about too much in one conversation would have been too overwhelming. So it was really just an introduction of sorts. Now I actually have a grandfather. My dad’s dad died a few months before I was born.

I drove my mom’s friend Paula and her dog to the east side of the SF Bay to go to this giant dog park in Richmond. This dog park was completely huge. It was right on the shore of the bay, so my mom’s two dogs, Paula’s dog, and another one of mom’s friends Elaine’s dogs (whew) had a blast running around this giant path, along with a few hundred other dogs. My mom and I haven’t ever really been around dogs since about two years ago when we got Java.

Here’s what sorta ruined the day, though. Two nights ago, Badturkeys (who hates this new commenting system) informed me that a girl talked to him, saying she was in my chem class and has a crush on me. Now this seemed pretty far-fetched, but I thought that maybe finally I was going to be accepted for who I am. So yesterday was spent on Trillian waiting for her to log on. I finally called her today, and found out that she has no infatuation of the kind. She informed me that it was her sisters playing a prank on me.

I sort of expected this, seeing that this girl’s sister is MY sister’s best friend. The whole scheme could have partially been the work of my sister. Whatever it is, it’s made me rather disappointed. If I had emotions, I’d be crushed by now.

Well, back to watching Invader Zim, which completely kicks everything’s ass.

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