Is it that hard for her to see how much I care?

I’ve been in a particularly artsy mood in the past week or so, yet I still cannot drive myself to making MIDIs. I guess it’s my short attention span, or at least a stubborn inability to follow through with things. At least I’ve been fulfilling my own desires by editing HTML like a mofo.

I’m mainly working on my new site design this week, but so far it only works in Internet Explorer. Call me a Microsoft-lover, but that’s the ONLY way it should be. Internet Explorer for Windows, Internet Explorer for Mac, and, uh, crap on other Unix users. The problem is that my new design’s got a whole shitload of Javascript and DIV tags, both of which completely hold the page up. I’ll probably keep good ol’ v.2 of this site up for those unlucky users to prefer Opera or, ugh, Netscape.

I am still totally amazed by emma for some reason. I aim to be as good a website designer as her one day (she also did Penny Arcade multiple times), and to make every one of my blogs as fulfilling as hers. I hope to be as masculine one day as well. 😛

My internship is winding down (case in point: I’m writing this at work), and thank goodness. I really don’t know if I’ve learned a lesson from this, or if I’ve just been helplessly screwed around all summer. What I’m talking about is that I haven’t been paid a dime for all the work I’ve done. My internship appeared to be paid until my boss jacked the deal around and told me to get paid by finding work by myself. AHEM, I BELIEVE THAT’S CALLED BEING SELF-EMPLOYED.

Today is officially the last day of my internship. That means that I won’t be graded down if I don’t come anymore. There will be this celebratory dinner for us interns and employers… whoopee. But I think I’ll keep on lugging my ass over until Friday. I don’t think that today would be a good day to tell my boss that there’s no way in HELL that I’d ever come back if no money flowed in my direction. I repeat: WASTED SUMMER.

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