To both UCSC people and Marin people

If you’re ever going to visit Porter, you should DEFINITELY do it this weekend. And plan to stay up all night Saturday.

The video game tournament is going on this week, and they’ve got a buttload of games. I think you can still sign up.

So for Marin guys, if you want to fall in love with UCSC if you’re deciding or planning on going here, I highly suggest coming down for that. And this hasn’t really gotten much press in the UCSC LJ communities, so if you’re in the dark about that, there it is…

Between stuff I’m competing in (mostly puzzle games, and DDR), I might set up beatmania IIDX and impress people with my mediocre skills, if I can. Got two controllers. Yeup.

Boy is my face red

Well I woke up really early this morning and took the bus all the way across town to the Harbor, only to find (after much walking and searching) that the sailing class meets at the East Field House on campus FIRST, and then takes a VAN all the way down to the harbor. So I missed the first sailing class. Oh well. The guy at the desk at the East Field House says a lot of people missed it for the same kinds of reasons today.

If you’re going to be meeting at the East Field House, don’t fucking put “HARBOR” in the “location of class” space!!!


I done bought a PSP, Wipeout Pure, and Lumines off eBay. Given that this was all Internet-y, I think I got extremely good prices. Like, I think I paid less than I would have if I bought these in real life, and seeing it’s less than a week since its US release, that’s saying something.


Oh man, I didn’t even know about this group repretoire class that I have to go to twice a week.

So uh wow, let’s see… Music and then Music Section (5), Music History (5), Keyboarding and then Sight Singing (2), Piano Lessons (2), Voice Lessons (2), Vocal Repretoire (3), Sailing (0), edit: OH RIGHT AND CONCERT CHOIR. Can I even DO THAT?

So there we go. 19 21 units. Geezus.


Tomorrow I am going downtown to:

1) Drop off my iPod to be shipped back to Apple for repairs
2) Deposit some paychecks
3) Check at this “Game Crazy” place to see if they have any PSP bundle packs. WANT ONE. Sold out, duh :P

Note to self, and all that.

brb, nc

Heading to North Carolina to hang out with my mom’s dad for the first time in my life. It’ll be cool. He really doesn’t know anything about me or my family and I really don’t know anything about him, so it’ll really just be a weekend of conversation.

In similar news, I haven’t been able to contact my mom all week. Left messages and stuff. Either she’s guilt tripping me about seeing her dad (not the best relationship) or her phone’s disconnected and her message center’s still around since she’s moving out of Marin… or something.

See y’all on Monday.


Almost half of all LiveJournal bios are like this:

“A bio? I can’t categorize or sum myself up here! How rude!