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Heading to North Carolina to hang out with my mom’s dad for the first time in my life. It’ll be cool. He really doesn’t know anything about me or my family and I really don’t know anything about him, so it’ll really just be a weekend of conversation.
In similar news, I haven’t been able to contact my mom all week. Left messages and stuff. Either she’s guilt tripping me about seeing her dad (not the best relationship) or her phone’s disconnected and her message center’s still around since she’s moving out of Marin… or something.
See y’all on Monday.

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  1. Jeffrey, from “mom”
    Feel the way you feel. If you feel guilty, OK. If you feel exuberant, OK. Know that I would like to be there for you, whatever you are feeling.
    Since I have been told that I’ve been “manipulative,”, I wanted to let you visit my father without interfering. It was nice of you to invite me on a hike with you over spring break, but I didn’t feel like it, or even responding. Lots of times, people don’t respond to me, and I have to deal with it.
    As you know, I read your journal because you are rarely in touch with me, and I like to know about you. As happened with your sister, I suppose that may now cause you to make your journal private. If that happens, oh well.
    However, I would appreciate if you would stop making me look evil or stupid in your journal. I’ve asked you this before. If you need feedback from your friends regarding your relationship with your birthmother (me), perhaps you should do that privately so that you don’t embarrass me in front of the world. Apparantly, so far, no one’s really interested in this post anyway.

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