A few work posts

For those of you craving more Jeffrey content, I’ve written a few posts on my company’s blog this year. They’re both rather technical write-ups on upgrades and improvements I did to older React/Redux apps. I’m also primarily responsible for this Next.js-based project, which ended at the beginning of this year. I didn’t write the case… Continue reading A few work posts

DDR at Home FAQs

Introduction Playing DDR and other dance games at home is a fun and effective form of exergaming! With an endless music selection and skill ceiling, as well as a vibrant and helpful online community, it’s a fulfilling hobby with a rather low barrier to entry. This post answers some of the most common questions posed… Continue reading DDR at Home FAQs

DDR Online Resources

I regularly check out a lot of sites and servers that provide me with helpful DDR information! This is not an exhaustive guide; it’s just the stuff that I use. News & General Info DDRCommunity – DDR-related news, guides, and more. Also has its own resources list Zenius -I- vanisher – BEMANI news, the most… Continue reading DDR Online Resources

Types of DDR Cabinets and PCBs

The following is a list of types of DDR cabinets and PCBs. It’s probably not exhaustive but it should cover the majority of hardware you’ll find in the wild. Cabinets Generation 1 Generation 1 cabinets can be identified by their 29” CRT display and marquee that sits atop the base with two legs. While different… Continue reading Types of DDR Cabinets and PCBs

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Check news bias with a simple browser icon

Update: my extension is no longer being maintained. Please use this one instead. I’m a big fan of Media Bias/Fact Check, a site that categorizes many popular news sources into categories across the political spectrum, as well as those that don’t fit into that spectrum. Thanks to Facebook and other social networks, people are constantly bombarded… Continue reading Check news bias with a simple browser icon

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Our new job

Within the past month, we: Bought a washer, dryer, and refrigerator Learned how to hack our security system Installed a mailbox Moved everything we own Pulled weeds around the house, a few times Changed our address everywhere Switched doctors Found a new vet Bought a grill Assembled a wardrobe and coffee table Bought curtains and rods… Continue reading Our new job

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Last day in SF

It seems like only a few blog posts ago (it was) that I announced that I was moving to San Francisco! Six years, two jobs, three apartments, countless bike rides, a few broken bones, one cat and one marriage later, Anna and I are headed to a house in Berkeley. That’s right – homeownership! In… Continue reading Last day in SF

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Hourly Comic Day 2015

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and draw a comic every hour! I haven’t regularly drawn comics in, uh, 7 years??? So here’s what it looks like when you don’t practice drawing for that long!