DDR Online Resources

I regularly check out a lot of sites and servers that provide me with helpful DDR information! This is not an exhaustive guide; it’s just the stuff that I use.

News & General Info

  • DDRCommunity – DDR-related news, guides, and more. Also has its own resources list
  • Zenius -I- vanisher – BEMANI news, the most comprehensive arcade machine locator, and simfile downloads
  • bemanistyle – BEMANI news and reviews, and helpful how-to guides
  • RemyWiki – Data about official BEMANI releases and songs


  • e-amusement – Konami’s system for settings and score keeping
  • LIFE4 – Unofficial ranking system with challenges for all levels of play

Song-specific Resources

  • true BPM – Shows a handy chart of BPM changes and stops in every song
  • DDR Difficulty Tier List – Guide on DDRCommunity that splits song difficulties into fractions
  • STATISTIK – Another resource on song difficulties, with separate “clear” and “score” ratings

Machine Info & Maintenance

  • hackmycab – Helpful tutorials on cabinet purchasing, maintenance and upgrades
  • Rhythm Arcade – Wiki with info on cabs and maintenance. Currently being rebuilt from an earlier version with more articles.
  • GameRepair.info – In-depth manuals on BEMANI machines


YouTube Channels

  • yuisin – DDR music and charts, often with helpful claps
  • Freestyle Takeover – Compendium of recent and historic dance performances

Facebook Groups

Discord Servers

  • Freestyle Takeover – Focused on freestyle techniques and events
  • LIFE4 – Discussion about the ranking system
  • SF EVOLVED – Discussion about the podcast and stuff happening around the Bay Area
  • San Jose DDR Players – Has channels about specific arcades and events in the Bay Area, with a bot that announces who’s logged in where
  • bemanistyle – Server for the long-running BEMANI news website
  • Rhythm Game Cabs – Discussion for cab owners about collection, maintenance, etc.

Apps (iOS)

  • DDR Score Manager A – Scorekeeping tool that syncs with e-amusement (if subscribed to the Paseli basic course)
  • e-amusementアプリ – Official app, mostly for sharing scores and managing account information


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