Thanksgiving route

Point E is both the start and the finish. 167 miles; 3:34 on the road. Left at 11, got back at 11. This is the first time I’ve made an entire loop around the Bay, I think. At least in one day.

Less of a meme, more of a collection.

Fantastic Plastic Machine – One Minute Of Love (0:59) Carla Bruni – La dernière minute (1:03) Hirofumi Sasaki – The Least 100sec (1:40) Orange Lounge – 100sec. kitchen Battle!! (1:44) Radiohead – 4 Minute Warning (4:06) Hirofumi Sasaki – The Least 333sec (5:33) Four Tet – This Is Six Minutes (6:03) Yoko Kanno – 7minutes… Continue reading Less of a meme, more of a collection.

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((Not so nice?) Dream)

So one dream for last night was a little hazier, but here’s what I remember: My dad and I were in some middle eastern country, and we had found our way into some large tent hut in the middle of a battleground. We decided we needed to defend ourselves, so we started looking for weapons.… Continue reading ((Not so nice?) Dream)

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(Nice Dream)

I remembered a very realistic dream I had last night, so I gotta get it down before I start the day. I was still in Japan, but this time I was with my mom and sister. We had a car and decided on our last day of our trip to drive north to Miyajima, the… Continue reading (Nice Dream)


Hey LiveJournal guys! I have not ceased to exist. Here are some emails, photos, and further recap from my Japan trip. Kiso Valley, Takayama, Shirakawa-Go, and Inuyama Castle on Facebook