Less of a meme, more of a collection.

Fantastic Plastic Machine – One Minute Of Love (0:59)
Carla Bruni – La dernière minute (1:03)
Hirofumi Sasaki – The Least 100sec (1:40)
Orange Lounge – 100sec. kitchen Battle!! (1:44)
Radiohead – 4 Minute Warning (4:06)
Hirofumi Sasaki – The Least 333sec (5:33)
Four Tet – This Is Six Minutes (6:03)
Yoko Kanno – 7minutes (6:47)
Sundog – Seven Minutes 2 Midnight (7:40)
Télépopmusik – 15 Minutes (15:39)
Search “minute” in your music library and list any that describe the length of the song.


  1. Kid 606 – Dramatic Pause Of Silence To Signify The End Of The Album And Beginning Of Additional Songs Included On The CD To Make People Feel Better About Buying The CD Instead Of The Vinyl Version
    also does not count.

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