I finally had a dream about beatmania the other night, BTW.

I was in some generic arcade after taking, like, the bus to get there (I guess it’s cuz I’m taking the bus today?) and I see that they’ve got beatmania 1st MIX all set up nice. But then I’m like where did beatmania THE FINAL go I know they had it!!! So I go into another room and I see this weird machine set up, like some sort of hypertrogulator-combobulation-animizer box from the 50’s with no screen and a bunch of flashing lights, and then there’s a Sega Master System on top of it. And some guy walks up and says “oh we mixed beatmania THE FINAL with this here Master System, there are still buttons, you can try to play it.” And I get all pissed and I’m like what the shit is this, why are you treating beatmania this way, you can’t see what’s going on, wah wah wah and then I try to dismantle the beatmania 1st MIX machine for some reason.


Gawd, I’m too excited for my own good. I don’t know why. I was fucking bustin’ a move in the shower. Now please, try your hardest to envision me, butt naked, dancing in a shower stall. Do it… for the children.

See you all on Monday.


It’s funny, cuz the majority of websites that are like “YARR!!! HTML SUXXX NO TABLES 4 LYFE W3C IS YOUR GOD NOW TREBEK” often have one or two fatal flaws that make it so Firefox can’t read them correctly.

And they all use those fucking dotted lines as separators. Jesus Christ.


Boy, I really know my hardware!

I moved all of my components (including fans, power supply) from my old case to my new case in 2 hours flat, and everything works like a charm! Deeaamnn, the case is even steadily below 40° C now. B)

Took a trip to Natural Bridges!

Off in the distance you’ll see nothing but tidepools. Sea anenomes, crabs, sea snails, mussels abound. First time jumping around in the ocean for a long time… very fun.

The closest figures in the foreground are Ron and Susie, and someone behind Ron… that’d be either Liz, Linda, Chris, or Saku, but I dunno.

Also today:

  • Went to a Multicultural Festival in the morning and watched some awesome Indian dance / Indian dance music (KICKASS!)
  • Well we were at the beach for hours, exploring, looking at the animalz, swimmin’…
  • Had Chinese food, paid for everyone.
  • Stopped off at Camoflauge, a lingerie/sex shop, and finally discovered the E-ZONE. (nsfw, and all the cool kids call the Internet the “e-zone.”)