I got my new heatsink today, and I actually installed it without breaking anything and having my computer out of commission for a week! It’s totally awesome. It’s a Thermaltake Polo735, a new multi-socket heatsink, ordered from 1COOLPC, which I HIGHLY recommend. The guy there responded to my emails quickly and even suggested a better fan than what I was originally planning to get (Volcano 7) – and this heatsink is great. Automatically changes speed based on the processor temp. It’s a hot day today and it’s running at 45° C, as opposed to the setup with my previous heatsink, where I’m sure it’d be around 65° C right now. Yeah. BIG change. :D

In other news, I really didn’t lose too much at all when my hard drive got reformatted. Thanks to iPod Agent, I was able to retrieve my iPod playlist and ratings from the iPod itself. And I’ve basically reinstalled everything and gotten things up and running again. It’s good to be not-so-reliant on too many programs, or on too much data stored on my drive. That means I can really just pack up and set things up elsewhere really quickly, or in this case, on a “new” computer.

I got WoW.
You can shoot me now. :)


If PartitionMagic tells you to make a backup boot disc before you go and merge two partitions, do what it says.

Or else you’ll end up formatting your entire primary hard disk, like me.

I think the only thing I really lost that wasn’t replaceable was my iTunes playlist (not the songs)… I had a lot of videos, like all of Azumanga Daioh and all 4 seasons of ReBoot… but I can download those again if I want.’

Oh, before I lose all hope: are there some kinds of Undelete tools that might enable me to view the data I’ve lost, assuming it wasn’t completely, like, magnetically nullified? Scratch that… undeleters found NOTHING. :cry:


edit: oh hello andy >:[


Who is going to Fanime? I am going to Fanime. Bear is driving to Fanime! How can this be???

Posting this now because I’ve come across a few friends who are thinking about plans, looking for places to stay, etc. etc. etc. I’m one of those people “looking for a place to stay” – I can afford a hotel room, and I just might do that, IF I STAY FOR MORE THAN ONE DAY. I only really want to go to Fanime if my friends are going too, and if everyone’s just going on one day, I’ll be going that day too… but yeah, anyway.

I’m either staying at my house over that weekend (27th-30th) and going to Fanime for just a day, or NOT going home and staying at the hotel/Fanime for a few days. Either way, I haven’t made any reservations as of yet. Who is going, who has already reserved a hotel room, who needs a hotel room, who took my frog, who found my frog?

Edit: Looked at hotel rates – Marriott and Hilton – and all I can say is DAMN. Twice as expensive as I thought – meaning I’m not renting a room unless someone else is willing to share it with me. I might find someone from school, but please do tell me if you’re interested. It’d be $80 a day. (And yet again, this is only happening if anyone DOES want to stay for more than a day.)

<bruk> time for DoD
<Doompuppet> Dorld of Doorcraft
<bruk> no.
<Doompuppet> Damn. It’s never dorld of doorcraft.
<bruk> day of defeat >:[
<Doompuppet> Ah
<Quasispace> Does Dorld of Doorcraft offer customizable door handles?
<Doompuppet> No.
<Doompuppet> But there’s talk of a patch
<JeffreyAtW> Dorld of Doorcraft lets you choose from plastic handles, stainless steel handles, wood handles, locking handles, machine handles
<JeffreyAtW> they can be different shapes and sizes, you can also customize what the door is made of
<JeffreyAtW> it depends on its class
<JeffreyAtW> if it is a security door you can buy lasers for it
<JeffreyAtW> if it’s a residential door you can hang wreaths on it to up its Spirit
<bruk> silly stupid dumbdumb
<Doompuppet> I’m more interested in hinges
<JeffreyAtW> the question is, though
<JeffreyAtW> why do all my jokes make me sound like I’m 90 years old
<Doctor_Nick> dude
<Doctor_Nick> i can get you a fucken brass knocker for 6 double sided hinges
<JeffreyAtW> add in a tweed doormat and you got a deal
<Sketchee> BEEEES
<Doompuppet> I want to play Doorcraft now.

UCSC @ 1:30am

I did my final concert choir performance tonight. It went well. We went to the cast party afterwards where there was great bread and cheese and the like. I had to leave early though, to catch a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was a “virgin” as it were, meaning I had never really seen it, so people scrawled crap on my face, denoting such. So the performance was just as I had expected – just pure raunch, yelling, inside jokes, harassing of the audience, etc. After having walked from Mission Street to the base of campus – I don’t know, that’s like 2 miles uphill – and then sitting in a hot room with everyone screaming obscenities and my view being blocked by some guy’s fat head for two hours, it was just too much for me so I decided to leave early.

Tonight was one of those awesome nights, where the temperature’s amazing and the fog’s rolled in. Of course, cameras like my dinky crappy one can’t really capture fog too well… but they’re pleasant to look at anyway. These sorts of views are the reason I chose to go to UCSC in the first place. Forgive crappy quality on a lot of them – I don’t have a tripod or anything and half of them were just attempts at me trying to hold the camera steady. And near the end, of course, I went crazy.

20 photos


I’m going to finally come out and give my opinion.

If your idea of having fun requires getting fucked up, you’re fucked up.

Excuse me now while I go back to playing Lumines okay