I got my new heatsink today, and I actually installed it without breaking anything and having my computer out of commission for a week! It’s totally awesome. It’s a Thermaltake Polo735, a new multi-socket heatsink, ordered from 1COOLPC, which I HIGHLY recommend. The guy there responded to my emails quickly and even suggested a better fan than what I was originally planning to get (Volcano 7) – and this heatsink is great. Automatically changes speed based on the processor temp. It’s a hot day today and it’s running at 45° C, as opposed to the setup with my previous heatsink, where I’m sure it’d be around 65° C right now. Yeah. BIG change. 😀
In other news, I really didn’t lose too much at all when my hard drive got reformatted. Thanks to iPod Agent, I was able to retrieve my iPod playlist and ratings from the iPod itself. And I’ve basically reinstalled everything and gotten things up and running again. It’s good to be not-so-reliant on too many programs, or on too much data stored on my drive. That means I can really just pack up and set things up elsewhere really quickly, or in this case, on a “new” computer.
I got WoW.
You can shoot me now. 🙂


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