If PartitionMagic tells you to make a backup boot disc before you go and merge two partitions, do what it says.
Or else you’ll end up formatting your entire primary hard disk, like me.
I think the only thing I really lost that wasn’t replaceable was my iTunes playlist (not the songs)… I had a lot of videos, like all of Azumanga Daioh and all 4 seasons of ReBoot… but I can download those again if I want.’
Oh, before I lose all hope: are there some kinds of Undelete tools that might enable me to view the data I’ve lost, assuming it wasn’t completely, like, magnetically nullified? Scratch that… undeleters found NOTHING. 😥


    1. I used to have Windows installed on a small, 15MB partition (E:), but then I reinstalled and put it onto my bigger partition, (C:). I was running out of space, so since I wasn’t using E:, I thought I’d get rid of that and make C: bigger… and then right in the middle of Partition Magic running its batch files and all, the computer restarted.
      I was then presented with “Unable to boot operating system” or something, and when I put my XP CD in, it said that both C: and E: were unformatted partitions. :\

    1. Oh, of course. But I DIDN’T format. In fact, I formatted the smaller of the two partitions since nothing important was there – I HAD to to run ANYTHING – but once Windows was installed, I checked the bigger partition and zippo was there. :\

  1. Oh, there’s this tool my brother found that can go in the hard drive and find everything. It can actually go into earlier partitions than the one you last had. You just copy everything out, (which you need the full version for, but I have a serial for it) and put it on your other hard drive. It’s called GetDataBack.

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