1. It looks dumb. Skin is just a 9th style ripoff.
      But there are some beatmania 5-key songs being moved to it, like La Bossanova de Fabienne, Metal Gear Solid Theme, etc.

  1. DualShock3 looks like the old third-party “boomerang” controllers that were made for the PS1 a long, long time ago. I still wanted to find one of those because I hear they’re comfortable to use.

  2. PS3 Controller… cool. But I’ll probably keep using DS2s if I can.
    Beatmania US — it might be good, or it may suck. I kinda wish they kept the ‘Hip Hop Mania’ series tag on it… I mean, come on, Hip Hop Mania IIDX could go places.
    New. Zelda. Yay.

    1. 1) You can’t. No ports, unless they open up the flap beside the CD port to reveal some, which is very unlikely, seeing as there are already 4 USB ports and 7 Bluetooth controllers supported…
      2) It’ll suck, but it’ll get the series really popular in America. Also, there might be some US-specific songs, although it’s doubtful. (ALSO IT IS NOT IIDX IT IS JUST BEATMANIA OK :P)
      3) I don’t have a GameCube. But I DO plan on getting a Revolution once that happens.

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