Misnamed songs!

Tell me your favorite misnamed songs you downloaded off P2P clients back in the day!
Some of my favorites:
Aphex Twins – Outside Kick Ass Violin Solo (actual name: Outside – To Forgive But Not Forget)
The Verve Pipe – Nike Theme (actual name: The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony)
DJ Mystik – DDR Megamix (Techno Remix) (actual name: SMiLE.dk – Butterfly)


    1. Yeah, I scold my next-door hallmate who still uses Limewire. I’m like, aren’t you a little concerned that every other file you download is called “HILARIOUS SONG MUST DOWNLOAD!!!.mp3 .vbs”?
      Oh wait

    1. Oh man I got your folder of MP3s a few years back and it took me days to go through all your misnamed crap! Masters At Work did like two or three out of the dozens of MAW stuff that you had lying around there! D:<

  1. oh man i used to have so many but i think i’ve renamed most of them.. although i think i still have a daf punk lying around
    but i did just find something whose genre is “awesome”, apparently.

          1. wait so that friend was james?
            i mean never mind i’m off the internet until like, friday, and i’ll forget what we were tlaking about by then 🙂 i guess that means until friday you have no friends.

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