Yearly Meme #6

Sixth year doing this meme. I wonder who originally wrote it? Are they in HEAVEN? Here are last year’s. 1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before? Bought a car, got hired for a full-time job, went to Japan, ~*SOMKED WEED*~. 2. Did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will… Continue reading Yearly Meme #6


I know it’s navigating into rocky territory when I start criticizing a charity, but I’m going to do it anyway: Child’s Play is a gross misallocation of resources, and those who contribute toward it should give it a second thought. What you’re doing when you contribute to Child’s Play is buying toys, games, and books… Continue reading Charity.

Fetish musings.

<JeffreyATW> noser i need help transforming my internet likeness into some weird thing that could be passed off as a personal fetish <JeffreyATW> maybe i will be Wrenchy, the wrench <JeffreyATW> and draw wrenchporn <Noser> what do you mean <Noser> back up a step <Noser> isn’t CAR a fetish comic <JeffreyATW> it’s boring being a… Continue reading Fetish musings.

My Problem With Ham.

So I was just reading that a friend of mine was enjoying a ham and brie sandwich. Sounds tasty, right? I certainly wouldn’t mind one, but then again, if I was given the choice of any sandwich, it’d be way far down my list. Here’s why. The problem starts with ham. Ham’s great. It’s from… Continue reading My Problem With Ham.

Throwing out a bone.

So I live in San Rafael which is a social deadzone. There are invisible borders around Marin which repel the majority of Bay-dwellers, rendering it inaccessible to anyone lacking private transit. HOWEVER, I haven’t thrown an event at my house in quite a while, and it seems that at this point not too many people… Continue reading Throwing out a bone.