Throwing out a bone.

So I live in San Rafael which is a social deadzone. There are invisible borders around Marin which repel the majority of Bay-dwellers, rendering it inaccessible to anyone lacking private transit.
HOWEVER, I haven’t thrown an event at my house in quite a while, and it seems that at this point not too many people have concrete plans for New Year’s celebrations. That, and my birthday’s on the 26th, and it’s always nice to be able to throw the party sometime around then, instead of, like, March.
Therefore, I am forming an exploratory committee to run for host of a New Year’s / birthday party, at my place. I am considering offering rides earlier in the day to those for whom transportation might be an issue. I am also considering heck of dranks, and perhaps homemade cuisine.
So, show of hands. Who might be interested in attending? Guests are allowed to bring friends to this event. Give a shout, or at least a suggestion.


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