Whoever loves this time of year should be removed from existence. Sun, blooming flowers, green grass, and all of the other hellish attributes of Spring have sent me into the lowest period of my entire life, as my sinuses swell to astronomical proportions and cause a world of pain for my entire face. Why must this happen? Please, bring Summer ASAP.

Thank goodness for antihistamines and mid-day showers, though. I no longer feel as if I am in Hell; perhaps I am somewhere lingering between that place and Limbo.


I got money in the mail today for doing wacky things on the Internet! That’s a first for me.

Also someone IM’d me up wanting to put an 88×31 on their site, and I made it for them! This is interesting because in the past it would be me begging THEM to put it on their site!

I think I am becoming extremely amazingly famous now, like hyperfamous, so here is a foreword template you can use once you all start writing books:

When [so and so] came up to me requesting that I write a foreword for [such and such], I was like, “sure!”

Jeffrey Faden
The Internet