The Wii will be $250

Just FYI.
edit: goddamn digg, this story might be inaccurate.


    1. What’s unique:
      – The ability to download and play NES, SNES, Genesis, TurboGrafx16, N64 games.
      – GameCube backwards compatibility.
      – Wireless/internet play.
      – DS interoperability.
      – Obviously, the controller.
      – New games in almost all Nintendo franchises, not to mention all the 3rd party developers lined up.
      What it doesn’t have:
      – A state-of-the-art graphics processor w/ HD output
      – A high-capacity media drive
      – Internal hard drive

  1. Hi, I’m adding you because as I was explaining to the other one earlier, a fag keeps tabs on his hag, and the boys she may or may not be seeing. The interview and the multiple-choice test come later. (Hint: The correct answer is always ‘no’)

  2. did the PS3 conctoller’s jerk/tilt sensor attract any attention?
    is it going to be used?
    i was under the impression it was just an extra thing that some games might or might not use.

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