Good times!

Things are going goodish!

Uth TV put my animation on their front page… it’s sort of a different honor than Newgrounds, where the users vote what gets on front… this time it’s actually the people working there. So that happened…

…and then they contacted me about possibly doing more for them, for pay! Weow! And I was brainstorming some ideas anyway. If this goes through this’ll be great. It might even be my summer job, who knows.

Ran around campus and delivered the DVD of BUS to Chautauqua, Stevenson Film Festival, and SCTV. And I’m pretty much officially done doing stuff with BUS! ‘Cept seeing it on the 15th at the film festival, I guess.

Saw a friend of the family at the boardwalk tonight, which is cool. I think he goes to Cabrillo. I got to wow his friends with some ITG skillz. I can pass a bunch of 10s now… woo.

Hannah saw the mayor of San Francisco walking around NYC for some reason! That’s pretty neat!

And Lily’s getting into gay disco house! Hooray for that mixtape I made!

Although due to my good mood and saying all these things about all the cool stuff I’m doing, I’ve realized that some people think I hate them while I actually don’t. If you think I’m angry at you chances are that I’m not since I’m not angry at anyone, including you!

Web standards

GIFs are limited and proprietary.

It’s nice that people are starting to use PNGs, but isn’t it time that MNGs caught on too? Then we could completely do away with GIFs.

(says the guy who uses GIFs in his design. It’s cuz their transparency works cross-browser…)

The Problem With That One Meme You Are All Doing

So I’ve seen that new thing where you let people ask you really personal and/or obvious questions that they feel too embarrassed to ask. I think that’s great – it’s cool that people can be open and honest about their thoughts and actions… but here’s the problem with honesty.

I like to say I’m a totally honest person. In the past, I tried to make this blog as honest and candid as possible, no-holds-barred, saying what I really feel. But after a while I realized that while being honest about oneself is nice, it’s not my place to reveal secrets or habits of others.

It’s what I realized when I started to ask a few people questions about which they’ve been cryptic. “What happened between you and so and so?” “What have you been doing with such and such?” “What do you think about yonder dude or gal?” Even though the copied text said something like how they wouldn’t be put off or uncomfortable about the questions, they weren’t able to answer them. Not really their fault, although it is true that the majority of stuff I don’t know about my friends is where they are in relation to their friends and S.O.’s… and that’s often not their place to disclose such info.

In other news… I’d like to try this meme myself, and say that anyone can really ask anything about me and I’ll answer in full. Try me. Just as long as it doesn’t directly deal with someone else’s secrets, I’ll give my full answer.

also another meme

I can't write

Happy May Day! Don’t work!

Speaking about working, here’s your big chance to be a famous person, like me, because I am a famous person.

I’m looking for writers to help me out with a new comic/animation/something or other! I’m full of wanting to draw and animate and other neat things, but I have no real ideas. I know there are some people who want to put their ideas out there but they end up using sprites. Actually if you even thought of making a sprite comic about your idea before coming to me, don’t do it. But seriously folks!

Put the word out – I’m looking to do some neat stuff but I’m really dry on concepts, so even if you’ve got a general idea maybe we could make something work out.