The Problem With That One Meme You Are All Doing

So I’ve seen that new thing where you let people ask you really personal and/or obvious questions that they feel too embarrassed to ask. I think that’s great – it’s cool that people can be open and honest about their thoughts and actions… but here’s the problem with honesty.

I like to say I’m a totally honest person. In the past, I tried to make this blog as honest and candid as possible, no-holds-barred, saying what I really feel. But after a while I realized that while being honest about oneself is nice, it’s not my place to reveal secrets or habits of others.

It’s what I realized when I started to ask a few people questions about which they’ve been cryptic. “What happened between you and so and so?” “What have you been doing with such and such?” “What do you think about yonder dude or gal?” Even though the copied text said something like how they wouldn’t be put off or uncomfortable about the questions, they weren’t able to answer them. Not really their fault, although it is true that the majority of stuff I don’t know about my friends is where they are in relation to their friends and S.O.’s… and that’s often not their place to disclose such info.

In other news… I’d like to try this meme myself, and say that anyone can really ask anything about me and I’ll answer in full. Try me. Just as long as it doesn’t directly deal with someone else’s secrets, I’ll give my full answer.

Also another meme: I’m talking to a random 15 people from my mutual friends list!

1) I used to see you as someone who got emotionally attached to people and clung on… so it’s interesting to me that you seem to be sleeping around a whole lot. I can tell that while you’re having a fun time, it’s also a very turbulent time for you. Have fun for the rest of college, but I hope things work out fine when it’s time to settle down.

2) Man you have been my favorite comic artist for yeeears. Like, over 5 years now! It’s amazing to see how your stuff’s evolved, and what you’ve done with your past work. Meeting you recently was pretty rad, and I’ll probably see you again this summer. I do think you’re probably one of the most self-conscious artists I’ve ever seen, though – but you realize that too and go along with it.

3) I really just know you from IRC, and something tells me that #4tt is only one of the many rooms you’re a part of, because you seem to appear and act really haughty to a bunch of people and then disappear again. I also know you’ve got quite a history with a bunch of e-celebrities. But still your comic is really cute and from whatever else I’ve seen, you’re pretty creative.

4) I was totally crushing on you last year because I was like wow, it’s someone who’s really smart and shares my interests! But I was quite introverted last year so I barely ever saw you and then you found someone who’s probably even smarter and definitely much more talented. But hey, it’s all good. You’re great to talk to and you’ve helped me out in the past, and I’m glad things seem to be going well with you.

5) Stop drinking! Once again, it’s the whole college thing – being part of events, being really social with mounds of people, and doing a whole bunch of things you regret… but really, I seem to read that you totally want to stop drinking and then I read “… for a week” or something along those lines. When it comes to things other than parties, though, it looks like you’ve got a bunch on your plate in terms of great activities and other fun college stuff. But aside from being judgemental… um… I think I might have acted like an asshole around you once or twice in the past so I don’t know what you really think of me. But there we go.

6) You were, like, my social outlet last year. We got along quite well and I seemed to help you wake up every morning. :P Pretty amazing how that seemed to end since you don’t live in the building anymore. That, and I’ve been hanging out more with my friends from home… but still, I should really make it a point to do more things with you and your group of friends. You’re really accepting and also quite open and introspective.

7) I know you through friends, although I’ve hung out with you a few times. You’re one of those people with which I’d like to partake in the above meme, since so much seems to have happened with you but you are REALLY cryptic about it. I don’t know where you go to school, who you hang out with, what happened with you a few months ago… and why you’re acting so pretentious and mysterious nowadays. Are you really suffering that much? To me you look like something of a copycat.

8) You are yet another person that I thought I was going to see a whole bunch more of this year. But I am glad you seem to be enjoying school so much – it really seemed like such a great place for you. To be honest, I sort of reciprocated feelings a few years ago as well, but I guess it never really clicked. Not sure if it would have worked out anyways. You’re quite a lot more social than I am. But anyway I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of you back home and in the future… and if not in person, then on the stage or big screen… or something. :)

9) I think I’ve known you long enough to say that I’m proud of you. Although it’s never, ever certain where your future seems to be headed, it looks as if you’ve started to stick to some goals, realize who your real friends are, and become more spiritual, all while staying your ol’ self in a whole bunch of ways. You deserve to be treated well, no matter what so many other people might think. Despite your coarse, sarcastic attitude I’ve only seen you treat people nicely – and while I’m probably pretty oblivious to all you’ve done, I’m sure it’s nice to have one more person on your good side!

10) I’ve probably known you and kept in touch with you longer than anyone in my whole life. Before I actually talked to you in person the first thing I remember about you is making fun of your name during a run in school – and once I met you I always thought you were way too nerdy for your own good. But still you were really friendly and quite creative. The relationship you’re in seems really sweet and looks as if it could last a whole time, which is pretty awesome. It’s been cool not only going to school and hanging out with you, but making things with you and eventually working with you. Don’t really know what your living situation is nowadays, but I hope things are well.

11) You probably don’t read this anymore… or at least regularly. I’ve probably known you longer than anyone on the Internet, and I’ve always been in awe of your writing skill. You designed really solid characters, and always defied the mundane with your stories and settings. You’re also a great debater. And from what I’ve seen I guess you admire me too, for what, though, I could only imagine. I’m sure I’ll see you around the Internet again somewhere even though you’re probably off doing more important stuff in college.

12) You’re part of that group of Santa Cruz’ers – the one I’ve known since I came here, a year ahead of me, always seeming to be on top of everything that has to do with Santa Cruz. You embody Santa Cruz in a bunch of respects – in terms of your hobbies, your activities, things like that. Although you’re quite eloquent in your writing, I can also tell that you also need emotional attention. So I’m glad things on a relationship scale are going well with you currently.

13) I totally forget who you are although I’m pretty sure I met you in real life a few times… in fact, I’m sure of it, and I’m sure this is exactly what I’ve said before after I forgot that I met you. Um. Anyway I really just know you from comments and sparse entries but you seem very wise. That’s the word for you.

14) You’re another one of those People Who Sort Of Act Like Assholes On IRC But It’s Only Because They’re Secretly Really Popular On The Internet, just like #3! But it was cool to find out that you designed this one big site I used to contribute to back in the day. I hope we didn’t scare you away from IRC, or something. It’s cool to see you when you drop in once in a while.

15) I realized recently that we have a whole lot in common. Like, a real ton… besides the fact that you seem a whole lot more mature, and WAY more talented. Also I think you’re really cute! If distance wasn’t an issue (as well as being generally a creepy e-friend) I think we’d be good friends. Like I said, man, that sounds creepy. Sucks that I probably won’t see you this summer but oh well, we can kick it Internet-style while you hang out with more interesting people in real life.

Well I think that’s it! Glad to know I could have spent this hour doing homework, instead of on stuff I’m sure only one or two people might read through! The end.

20 thoughts on “The Problem With That One Meme You Are All Doing”

  1. i’m guessing 13 is me. if it’s not, it probably applies anyway.
    either way, i’d like to ask because you got me curious.
    do you know when we met last?
    i honestly can’t remember if we met before that, but i’m sure we did. and i’m sure you said that last time we met.

    1. 13 ain’t you. We last met over summer vacation, we hung out a bit at the county fair and afterwards downtown. And I think you were at Fanime as well? Might be wrong about that.

  2. I’m 4 aren’t I!!!
    Anyway, as for the question…
    I used to get the feeling back in the day that I used to, (or perhaps still do?) bug you. What did you think about me when you met me, while I lived in California, and after I moved (if they are any different)?

    1. I wouldn’t say you really bugged me – I never really thought “oh that Andy, he’s ruining my day, etc. etc.” – but I have been disappointed at times about your decisions in terms of relationships and things concerning the future.
      When I first met you I didn’t get a good impression of you from other people, but I don’t really let those influence me. From what I actually saw of you you seemed like someone who wanted to have a good time and was quite friendly to other people, which I guess sort of threw me off since according to other people you sort of had a reputation of being annoying… or something like that. But I don’t like to let what other people say influence what I think until I experience people firsthand.
      Once I got to know you you didn’t bug me anymore. Hanging out with you was cool. You were fun to be around. As for stuff you posted on LJ, though, I might have put you down a bit just because you were always so self-conscious about your emo entries and I never saw much change whenever you vowed to reform yourself, or something of the sort.
      I think if I’m stern about things I read from you today it’s not because I’m bugged by you at all, even if I might have slightly been one or two times in the past. Just trying to rationalize decisions you make, just like I do with everyone else. I tend to end up looking like I’m mad at people when really I’m just trying to figure them out. So don’t worry about it! I know how you work, I think you’re a cool guy.

  3. aren’t the questions you want to ask always the ones you shouldn’t ask? i mean, otherwise don’t we just ask them in conversation..? or is the point to do it with people you don’t know well whose lives you’re trying to pry into..? hmm… *ponderponder*

    1. Shouldn’t ask? How so? What the meme is supposed to be is for people who know each other but someone is unsure about something that should be obvious to them. If you think you “shouldn’t ask” a question, that’s sort of the point of this meme – ask away.

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