I can't write

Happy May Day! Don’t work!
Speaking about working, here’s your big chance to be a famous person, like me, because I am a famous person.
I’m looking for writers to help me out with a new comic/animation/something or other! I’m full of wanting to draw and animate and other neat things, but I have no real ideas. I know there are some people who want to put their ideas out there but they end up using sprites. Actually if you even thought of making a sprite comic about your idea before coming to me, don’t do it. But seriously folks!
Put the word out – I’m looking to do some neat stuff but I’m really dry on concepts, so even if you’ve got a general idea maybe we could make something work out.


  1. I can write, depending on what type of stuff you’re interested in doing. The problem is that my ideas tend to be way too ambitious and epic, and typically revolve around more morbid subjects.
    Refer back to that one post I made about keeping up with writing projects; there were a couple of ideas there for graphic novels I’ve wanted to work on with others. I’m sure I could come up with different stuff, but it’d take awhile to work out details.

  2. oh! oh!
    i got an idea!
    actually, it was your idea a year ago.
    and it kinda answers my question on your latest entry for you.
    but whatever.
    “The Glomp”
    setting: Fanime.
    a skinny girl and her skinny friend walk down a hall, and a “glomp me!” sign on her back becomes visible.
    a fat man walks out of a door and turns his head to see the sign.
    the girls walk next to a cup of water on a table, and notice it rippling Jurassic Park style.
    the camera views behind the girls to see the fat man bounding down the hall toward them in slow motion, fat rippling as he runs.
    the girl slowly turns her head to see.
    the fat man leaps foreward.
    the camera pauses and matrix style rotates around to show the profiles of the mid-air man and the girl, whose expression shows that she just noticed the impending doom.
    the camera speeds up and the glomp is completed.
    the friend stands paralyzed in disbelief.
    or you could do a whole thing about fanime, with that as just a part of it.

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