Good day, part 2

After shower, had a very small and somewhat unsuccessful comics library meeting, but got up to speed with proceedings with that.

Had some dinner. I think I remember it as being tasty.

Dressed up in my new garb, looking very fancy, and headed over to the Music building, where we didn’t really need to show up so early but did anyway, and had an hour to just dick around the music center. I spent it looking off into the bay from the main overlook, but the picture doesn’t do it justice. Sunset, haze over the bay, clouds moving through, fog rolling over hills, mountain ranges, rain far in the distance, and even smoke billowing from a factory far in the distance made it quite a nice view to stand and watch for a long period of time.

Performed in the concert choir performance – it went really well. No slip-ups at all… hope everything’s nice tomorrow, as well.

Went back and animated for a bit, but was finally pulled downtown where the goon meet, somewhat foiled by a small bout of rain, was having a party at the goon house. Stayed in my fancy tuxedo garb. Had fun, watched Queen in concert, played SNES, did some forum-posting shenanigans.

Party instantly died down, but the remaining few went to Saturn for some veganburgers. I stuffed myself on that and a peanut butter milkshake. Talked about politics even though I tend to sound horrible when conversing with people who actually know the first thing about it.

And that was the end of a really great day!

Today = good day

Yesterday I signed up for my new room, which, amazingly, is the same one I am in now! Yes, next year I will be in B304, and I’ll be hangin with Saku, Ron, and Liz, all of whom will probably be in the same hall.

Went sailing in the Monterey Bay for a few hours today. My partner, Kenny, and I were pretty much the fastest and well-organized of the six 15-foot sailboat teams that went out. While others kept bumping into expensive boats in the harbor, we had no slip-ups at all!

Afterwards I had some time to kill, so I had some oysters and fries at the dockside restaurant! Man that’s good stuff.

While eating I got a call from Dave, the Uth TV guy, who told me about a quite lucrative upcoming opportunity whoops I can’t say anymore!

Went downtown to rent a tuxedo jacket for tonight’s concert choir performance, but decided to buy it instead. I’ll probably be using it some times over the summer and next year (I’ll probably be in concert choir again at least in the fall).

Replaced my wiper blades! I don’t know why I’d do it at the end of the rainy season, but I came across the auto store and I was like what the hell. The guy probably thought I was really responsible, replacing them at this time of year, as if I replace wiper blades every 6 months like I’m supposed to, instead of once every 4 years.

Talked over Shiranne’s and my project proposal with my professor for Language Engineering. It went over well! We should probably start on it really soon, though.

Signed up for Fall classes!

Fanime: One week away.

Hey guys, those of you who registered go and print out your receipt.

So, people who are staying in my room are!…

  • Me
  • Sophie
  • Shiranne
  • penguinodoom

    People who might stay:

  • some of Viggy’s friends?

    So that means that the daily rate for everyone will actually be $25 if we only have 4 people staying per night. If you are interested you can still stay in my room! If you stay the cost will be less – and if more people stay, you’ll pay even less than that. You know.

    So please confirm with me that you are coming, and please CONTACT me so I can tell you about meeting and transportation plans.

  • The Glomp finished, grand opening of sorts of Uth TV series!

    Say hello to my new animation series, ProcrastiMATION. It’s a really cheesy name but I like it anyway! I’m making the series for media company Uth TV, and I expect to have a new episode out every two weeks.

    “The Glomp,” the first episode of ProcrastiMATION, is also complete! Well actually it’s been complete for a few days and accessible from as an SWF file, but make sure to watch it on Uth TV so you can rate it and leave nice comments and such.

    Tell all your friendses.

    Special Mixtape for 5/17'ers

    1. Machinae Supremacy – Cryosleep
    2. Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis
    3. Ham & DNA – About U
    4. Chemical Brothers – The Boxer (feat. Tim Burgess)
    5. Orbital – Beelzebeat
    6. Hatiras – Spaced Invader
    7. TaQ – Abstract (Radical Mix)
    8. Pendulum – Streamline
    9. Hybrid – Kid 2000 (12″ original mix)
    10. Fingathing – Walk in Space
    11. Hatiras – Lost in Space
    12. Basement Jaxx – Good Luck (feat. Lisa Kekaula)
    13. Alan Braxe – Rubicon (feat. Fred Falke)
    14. Underworld – Dinosaur Adventure 3D

    Ahh Stevenson Coffee House!

    I feel like a bit of a traitor but I’m still having fun hanging out at the Stevenson Coffee House. Well they sell home-made goodies that aren’t a ridiculous price and not all of their food causes horrible gas (Porter should get some goddamn salads)!

    Right now I am snacking on this $0.95 but well-sized fudge square that has giant marshmallows and peanuts in it. It is Rocky Road fudge! It is the best! I am having a good time! Time to get back to homework!