My Anti-Drug

My Anti-Drug

The latest ProcrastiMATION short is finished! It’s about as long as BUS! Give it a whirl! Give it a rating! You can view a sharper yet somewhat off-sync version here.


  1. i liked “loading”, “screaming”, the “internet”, “spacetime anomalies”, and “drug dealers”.
    but “smelling farts” and “tired jokes” were kinda annoying.
    i didn’t really understand how “walking into walls”, “smelling farts”, and “animation shortcuts” could be an anti-drug.

    1. “Hey man, you wanna do drugs?” Hold on a sec… *thunk, thunk, thunk* sorry, too busy walking into walls to get high right now….
      Smelling Farts:
      It’s just as productive
      Animation Shortcuts:
      You expect anything less from “Procrasi-mation?” This is jeffrey saying “Oh man, I’m so high right now, this is great, I’m high” to demonstrate how getting high actually makes you talk like that.

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