(Nice Dream)

I remembered a very realistic dream I had last night, so I gotta get it down before I start the day. I was still in Japan, but this time I was with my mom and sister. We had a car and decided on our last day of our trip to drive north to Miyajima, the… Continue reading (Nice Dream)


Hey LiveJournal guys! I have not ceased to exist. Here are some emails, photos, and further recap from my Japan trip. Kiso Valley, Takayama, Shirakawa-Go, and Inuyama Castle on Facebook

Japan trip details

Shiranne and I will be going on a vacation to Japan from October 12 to November 3. During that time, we’ll be staying in the following areas. We’ve got a few schedule constraints because of Jewish holidays, but hey that’s cool: October 12 – 14: Minato, Tokyo We’ll be near Chabad Tokyo and celebrating Sukkot.… Continue reading Japan trip details