Jeffrey come on!

What have you been doing besides posting dumb links to Internet things and looking at pictures of yourself!!!

Well as you can see from a few posts back, I now own a brand-new Toyota Prius. It just passed the 1k mile mark. I’m so proud. <:) I am totally tryin some of that hypermiling nonsense, but apparently failing, as my MPG is only 47, which is one MPH above EPA estimates.

I’m also hanging out with Margot from time to time, who lives in San Francisco and is totally an animator. Her cat Bucket is also cool because he’s a giant asshole. With their help I am actually starting to learn about the giant urban center that I grew up near my entire life but only entered a handful of times.

I’m laying the groundwork for a trip to Japan with Shiranne this October. We’ve bought plane tickets and have just started to make hotel reservations. (The credit from my cancelled Israel trip was not used because it would be ridiculous to fly to Japan through London, which is the downside of having British Airways credit.) Within the space of three weeks, we are planning to go to Tokyo, Takayama, Kawagoe, Kobe, Kyoto, Iga-Ueno, Hiroshima, and Tokyo, in that order. Suggestions on places or other things (like places to stay, specifically) are welcome.

Work is starting to slow down a bit, because all the stuff I’ve been developing is starting to go live! The biggest accomplishment is the release of Diabetes Health Forums, which runs on a forum backend I coded entirely by hand (minus the use of TinyMCE for rich text editing).

It’s got some cool features like being able to post one thread in multiple forums (with a cool JavaScript forum selector), but I think I might be rolling that back and just reducing the amount of forums we have. (We have over 100, it’s freaking crazy.) Only a few posts so far, but that will change once we announce it in the general email newsletter this week.

Also working on Diabetes Health Solutions, which isn’t live yet, but is basically a miniature wiki that I also programmed from scratch. It will only be available for healthcare professionals to edit, but that just makes my job easier because I don’t have to police it for especially dumb crap.

So that’s about it. Friends, vacations, work. Also sleep! Goodnight.


Coming up I gots a trip to Yosemite this weekend with my mom and sister. We’re heading out on Sunday and coming back on Wednesday. After that, there’s the week-long New York trip in July where I’m chilling with relatives and Hannah and Ian probably. After that… not much? Perhaps a visit to Seattle for PAX with Paolo in August? And within the next year I need to take advantage of that international ticket credit I have…

I’m in a weird state right now because for the first time in my life, I don’t plan on the situation changing unless it changes without my doing. That is, I’m at a point where I’m out of college, out of grad school, and I don’t plan on going anywhere. I’m staying in Marin until this job ends, and who knows when it will. I don’t plan on moving after three months, or starting classes again, or changing my lifestyle in the future. As long as I’m working here, I’m in San Rafael, getting comfortable, and starting to develop a routine.

It’s the strangest feeling. Take, for example, the car I’ll be buying within the next few weeks. I’m getting a Prius with the assumption that I’ll continue to live in an area that necessitates a car for a long time. Like, years. And how about my social situation? James and Paolo and Steve are still here and I’m hanging out with them now. I’m hanging out with some SF Bay goons, and they’re cool too. But these are people I might be seeing on a regular basis for years. That’s foreign to me.

Eventually I’m going to have to move out of my dad’s house – that’s one reason I’m not decorating my room to my liking, as someone who’s settled down would do. I hope that that moving out coincides with my job ending (if that’s within, say, a year). Otherwise, I’ll probably move somewhere else in Marin and continue working at Diabetes Health. But it’s not like my dad has a problem with me being around – once Lily’s gone, it’ll just be him and me. I’m thinking more about how my social situation would probably improve if I get my own place. If my job does end, I’ll probably try finding one in San Francisco or elsewhere in the more accessible Bay Area. But there’s no time limit on my current situation and who knows what things will be like when all this actually does happen.

I was eating dinner at Crepevine in SR today after coming back from the gym, sitting on the sidewalk of 4th Street, watching locals come and go. I realized, I’m a guy in his 20’s who hasn’t really left his hometown, but should take advantage of what it has to offer anyway. For the first time in 5 years, it’s my first home. I should be partaking in the local culture and establishing myself as best as someone can in a suburban city. But I think it will take time simply because of my mindset which is so set on things being temporary.

Gettin things done

I done canceled my ticket to Israel. Got a hefty fee but hey that’s international travel. Now it’s on to deciding where exactly I’m going within the next year. A few ideas on the table are:

  • Paris since I haven’t been there for almost a decade and to visit Hannah
  • Japan some time early next year because it is Japan but I would have to find certain people with whom to go
  • London because I kind of have to go through there anyway since I have credit with British Airways?

Despite having canceled my JFK-TLV ticket, there’s still the whole JFK thing. I COULD just not go to JFK because missing work for even a day is enough to make up for the amount that I won’t be getting back, or I could decide about when to book a returning flight and spend something like a week in New York with family and Hannah and other friends. I think I deserve a vacation, anyway. Anyone around the area want to hang out some time after July 6?

I am also getting big repairs done on the car I’m currently driving – my late stepmom’s Jaguar X-Type. Gosh I don’t like driving it because it’s big and gets 19MPG but I gotta spruce it up to sell it – because I’m going to buy a Prius!

Heck yes I have put down a deposit for a Prius which will be arriving within 3-6 weeks. Looking to get the #2 package (which has cute things like keyless entry and aux audio input and a reverse camera), and looking to get it in a bright color, preferably white (for safety reasons – most visible on the road). Now for a dude, a white Prius isn’t especially a fashion statement. But heck I don’t care, I’d really rather get 45MPG instead of 19MPG (with premium fuel). Sure, almost every other car you see in Marin is a Prius. That’s a good thing.

‘Sides that, I’m meeting cool new people and going cool new places. I’m probably sticking around in Marin for longer than I expected mostly because I like the job I’m at a whole lot. I’m making enough money that transportation shouldn’t be a barrier for me, in my mid-20’s, to be a social dude. And despite my plans to get a car, I’m looking to take the bus as much as possible as well. I took GG Transit into SF the other day and it worked like a charm. I also got to catch up on my video podcasts on the bus.

Back to work. Hooray!