So some DJ on Live 105 (I was listening to it because my iPod’s broken. I wouldn’t listen to the radio if my iPod was working! OBVIOUSLY!) was playing the ENTIRE ALBUM of this band, Block Party. He was doing it supposedly because he just LURVED it THAT MUCH. I thought it was mediocre.

Anyway after he was done playing the entire album, he was like “I can’t do any better than this for you folks, I just don’t know what to do.” And he stood up and left the room and there was silence for like a minute.


Also: I went to Pier 39 and bought WAY too many tokens so I was playing beatmania III for a really, really long time and hanging out with rtf. Also, the people at RTA were installing in the groove and they got it to ALMOST work, but it sorta crashed after every song. So the mechanics gave up after a few hours. No ITG just yet.

Is anyone else doing anything worth anything, like THIS EVENING? I’m horribly bored (and AOL’s instant message sender is out of my reach for now). Maybe we can hang out and talk. Yes, you and me, one on one, baby. ;-*

DUDE! guys

I am going to go to Riptide Arcade tomorrow @ Pier 39. I hear they’s got ITG comin’ and I also want to play some beatmania III. Thought I’d mention it if anyone else wanted to tag along or meet me there or whatever. I think a few other UCSC people might meet me down there if they decide to follow through on their impulses.

I WILL BE THERE AT 12PM. Sorry, school dudes. :\ Maybe later in the day, who knows.


I came back home to find my car with mold growing all around the interior of the car, and its battery dead.

So I done gone fixed most of that. Nice new battery, and I’ve cleaned a bunch of the mold out but I’m still probably going to take it to a more professional interior car cleaner. Driving friends (James Paolo Sean Bobert etc.) yesterday was quite nerve-racking though, since every time we stopped somewhere we didn’t know if the car was going to start up. Was pretty close, most of the time.

I got a whole fucking LOAD of ointment and other-type applications for my scabs. Cost me $40. But what’s worse, the trip to the dermatologist to be told that I just basically need more of what I’m already taking cost $140. :|

I seriously forgot what I was going to say. It was something worth bloggin’ about. OH WELL!

edit: Oh right, the Northgate Mall brought back DDR in case anyone still plays that game. Only thing is, they replaced DDR Extreme with DDR Megamix. That’s right, the ugly, hacked version of Extreme with the blue backgrounds and other ugly crap. Namco Arcades, you so CARAYAZAYA.


Hey dudes, I have returned home. I’m free to do anything all weekend, starting tomorrow after noon. Before that I have a dermatologist’s appointment to check out the giant, pulsating redness on my feet, and now on my arms and back too. :D

So I think I’m doing something with James and a crew tomorrow, like going to MGL or something, but he doesn’t seem to be around. James if you read this, yew know wat yew chev to dew.

Anyone else have some awesome plans? I think maybe I might go hiking on Mount Tam over the weekend with Jam. It’d be sweet. But yeah tell me what y’all are doing because I want to crash all your parties.

In other news I am typing on a 1920×1600 flat-screen that my dad brought home from work. HOT.


I’m starting to hear more and more and more about how people with iPods are posers and wannabes and losers and posers. I don’t understand this.

I DO understand how people have been succumbing to pop culture since the beginning of time, and how advertisements affect people’s spending habits. But I don’t see how the fact that you have white earbuds coming out of your head makes you totally lame. Last time I checked, it was actually the musical content of the iPod itself that determines whether you’re “scene” or not. :P

This is not to say that I think it’s worth the money, nor are there no better alternatives (iRiver, for instance). But I hate getting looks just ‘cuz I have an iPod and I find it very, very easy to use in the case that I’m walking across campus and I want to listen to my entire library of music.

BTW, I got it for free, so IN YOUR FACE, CRITICS.

(On a similar note, I think I dropped my iPod one too many times and the hard drive makes a little clicking noise whenever it tries to accelerate, preventing it from starting up properly (folder icon with caution icon). Fortunately, I’m under warranty so Apple’s going to ship me a nice little box and I’m going to give it back to them, and they’ll send me a new one. This’ll all have to happen when I come back from school though, since it’s being shipped to my college box…)


I’m blogging from work. Yes, using LiveJournal in the office. Slackin’. UH OH!

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays where it’s either announced and people get ready and plan festivities far in advance, or civilization as a whole completely forgets about it until it happens. It’s probably ‘cuz presents aren’t involved, am I right.

But SOME people are festive. I can CLAIM I’m being festive because my nice shirt I’m wearing is greenish-olive-ish. And someone photoshopped Goatse to have very bright green, er, innards instead of red. :P