I done bought a PSP, Wipeout Pure, and Lumines off eBay. Given that this was all Internet-y, I think I got extremely good prices. Like, I think I paid less than I would have if I bought these in real life, and seeing it’s less than a week since its US release, that’s saying something.


        1. You could check it out yourself. I linked the auctions I won. Here’s what I paid, including shipping:
          PSP Value Pak $250.00
          Wipeout Pure $37.99
          Lumnines $45.84
          Total $333.83

  1. I think it’s a good deal, at least with the free shipping. And the games are brand new, right? They should both be worth about $50 each. You saved about $20 according to your calculations a few posts up.
    Just hope you don’t have a PSP with dead pixels. Supposedly 60% of all PSPs shipped so far have at least one or more dead pixels on the screen. Very unfortunate.

    1. Ah, that’s what I’ve been hearing about. I’m sure I’ll get some sort of a warranty though, right? If it has dead pixels can’t I return it to Sony?

    1. Sony’s excuse is that all LCD devices are susceptible to dead pixels. It’s a very precise technique to make these pixels and accidents happen. So supposedly, it’s “normal.” I believe their limited warranty covers this though, so I’ll send it in if I have to.

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