What I listen to

Tagged so I’ll do this thang again.
1) Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis. I like Amon Tobin’s more poppy stuff. This one’s simply classic. I don’t really know if it’s intentional or not cuz I’m not really good with naming songs myself, but the piano and drum loops can totally portray some giant mantis terrorizing a city.
2) Amon Tobin – The Lighthouse. It’s from a video game and that fact alone is awesome. Great atmospheric music that just builds up, and great bass guitar, too. The bass guitar sorta reminds me of this one level from Lumines, like Mukuro or something.
3) Röyksopp – Alpha Male. I tend to like Röyksopp’s non-vocal stuff a lot. The latest album has a bit less of that, but they’ve still got this track at least. Great beat, great repetitions. It’s quite straightforward and that’s why I like it.
4) Zero 7 – Likufanele. Also really repetitive – but that’s what I’ve had stuck in my head, just the loop. With the chanting, the percussion, the brass. It’s amazingly relaxing.
5) Fingathing – Walk In Space. Bryan gave me this Fingathing CD and I finally gave it a listen, and this track’s really great. Fingathing’s a lot like Amon Tobin, but a little less, say… grainy. Nice use of samples, and the entire CD’s full of awesome strings.
6) ☺ – Utopia. It’s really bad techno. All of KeeL’s stuff is really bad techno. But some of them are just way too catchy. I like how his “happy” persona still uses some awesome harmony.
7) Four Tet – Everything is Alright. It’s melodic IDM! Looping guitar riffs! I love it! And Bryan just hooked me up with a few full CDs of Four Tet. So now I am happy.


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