It’s so sad to see people who sound so sure of themselves, yet they’re really so full of uncertainty and hate. Amazing how these people use charisma to boost themselves into hollow friendships, and eventually flawed leadership positions…
Examples upon request!


    1. Well okay I have a friend who might have gotten the butt end of a deal with renting a house about a year ago and blames it on these two other people!
      Well to this day my friend who is very blunt, opinionated, and a bit intolerant, continues to reference those two people whenever possible as despicable, ugly creatures and other mean un-called for things, despite not having seen them for over a year!
      What’s worse I know the two people and they really are not mean and they do not hold a grudge, nor do they even recall the incident in the same way!
      I am only saying this because my friend seems to bring this up very often, and tends to go overboard with the hateful speech, even though the rants I read don’t even seem to involve them in the slightest!
      I am also of course referring to religious bigots and other leaders whose ideologies are obviously flawed but doesn’t stop them from accusing the innocent and making life horrible for people.

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