I’m just realizing that, after more than four years of having my social circle based outside of San Rafael, that I really have no remaining social circle IN San Rafael. I had a good amount of friends to hang out with back in the day (whether I took advantage of that fact is a different story), but then I was in Santa Cruz for four years, and while I was here over the summer, for the most part it wasn’t spent socializing. Besides work, I don’t really know what it was spent doing. Moping, maybe.
I don’t know what really happened to San Rafael. People moved to Silicon Valley to pursue more lucrative stuff, I grew out of some activities that others kept with, and with others I just lost touch.
Well now that I’m considering the Bay Area as my long term place to live (Seattle and Israel being other places), I have to sort of build that strong social connection back up again, and now I have the time and resources to do it. I’m looking at local blogs, checking out forums to see what people my age are up to, and hell, this is the Bay Area; there’s a ton of stuff happening all the time. Not a whole lot in San Rafael, per se, but I moved back to the Bay Area knowing I’d be driving all over the fucking place. A blessing and a curse.
Shiranne’s going through a similar thing. Might have to distance herself from some groups of friends, but she’s got the gumption to go and make new groups and try new things. My sister posted on her blog that she wishes I’d go do the same thing – and yes, I certainly am.
But right now my butt really hurts so I’m going to take this weekend off… heh. Tomorrow I’m going with my pops to the Maker Faire! Anyone else down?


  1. HM well Henry invited me to a track workout with Bruce and Sos etc at TL on Monday. I’m way out of running shape but I will do it nine times anyway. 4:30 if you’re interested!
    I lost touch with SR a while ago, but I figured hey, running.

    1. Ah man I would! But I’m not in exercising condition for at least another week as my surgery heals. Thanks for the ‘vite, though.
      Why’s the crowd still involved at TL? Teachers’ aides or something?

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