This was probably the best year at Fanime so far. (2006 holds special significance, and in fact today signals the 2nd anniversary of me and Shiranne becoming a couple!)
The best part about Fanime is seeing so many freaking people I haven’t seen in a while. People from Marin, from many different groups within UCSC, people from the Bemani scene, even a guest appearance from Florida’s very own Doctor Nick – I mean, I think there were more people I’ve made friends with throughout my life at Fanime than those who didn’t make it. That in itself is reason to go. Reason to even stand the worst of memes, smells, and BMI’s.
Events include hacking the hotel TV to re-enable the disabled input button, Paolo’s first stand-up routine, a bomb-ass dance on Sunday night, and mad fine eats all throughout. The experience was quite a good one and it’s too bad that it only happens once a year. I’m sure to make it again next year.


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