my god man

I realized recently that I’m reaching the big 200. In POUNDS. I’ve been totally freaked out recently when I’ve had to buy pants that are inches past what I usually wear and I haven’t been able to fit into some of my old fancier stuff. All this while being told I don’t look any heavier.
So I’m eating right. Small meat portions. Fruit all the time. Still no soda. Dessert once a day at most. Also going to play a lot more DDR (because that’s all the exercise I can muster).


  1. Whoa fatty. jkjkjk
    I don’t understand how college people gain so much weight. They walk a lot because campuses are always large, they don’t eat that much because they’re broke (unless they have those damned meal cards), and most colleges actually have gyms they can use.
    For the first couple months of Cathy’s college life she lost weight until she realised she really liked her caf’s mashed potatoes. Now she’s looking kind of big.
    I’ve been trying to gain weight hopelessly this past month. I’ve calculated my calorie intake to be 3000 calories a day when a person of my size only needs about 1500. I still haven’t gained any weight though. :[

  2. If your concerned about your weight, what really matters is calories. Meat and fatty things do tend to have higher calorie content per serving than fruits and veggies, but if you eat a ton of fruits and veggies it’ll even right out. Things with whole grains will keep you full for longer.
    Also, yeah, there’s no way around it really- exercise.
    Good luck, thus is the neverending battle.

  3. Eat 6 small meals a day at aprox the same time, that way your digestive system will have small amounts and it will know when to kick in.
    The morning should be as much protein as possible. Eggs are teh best, but i usually put peanut butter on toast, which taste fine.
    And dont eat 2 hours prior to bedtime, cause then it just sits in your stomach and gets ya fat.
    Avoid anything frozen or fatty. Start looking at labels and get stuff with less calories and fat and more protein. Protein takes hella long to digest, so it will keep you full for a long time. Carbs are just a quick evergy boost, but it gets you hungry faster.
    Drink Redline, which is this stuff that literally burns all the fat in your body. You can get it at the GNC. Well, I personally wouldnt drink it.
    Eat good everday except Sunday (or whatever day) cause A. It will trick your metabolism and force it to work harder, and B. You gotta have some cookies and bagel bites once in a while.
    Exercise is key. Without exercise, a good diet is useless. DDR is fine. Thats what I do, so no worries.

    1. VPX Redline?  Recommended only if 1) one can handle FCRB, that is, Four Cans o’ Red Bull, within one hour without any potential problems such as irregular heartbeats, and 2) one doesn’t have to do any workout that requires greater precision and control (such as BB press), ’cause the “shivering” can—and will, by Murphy’s Law—become too dangerous for such workout.
      Although I agree it may help one to score more AAAs on DDR than usual.  XD
      (FYI, FCRB = approximately 300mg of caffeine.)

      1. I’m not big on caffeine or weight-loss stuff. It’s not that I can’t handle it… it just doesn’t do much for me. I’d just prefer to keep extremely hydrated instead.

      1. However, stick to a bunch of 8–9 footers at most with minimal breaks in between, that is, as little as your heart permits.  Avoid anything of level 10 or more, because they fatigue your legs and feet quickly, reducing the total amount of stages you can handle without taking a good long break.  That negates the benefit of cardio, during which you want your heartbeat going pretty fast.
        It helps a lot to play doubles as well, especially if your local DDR/ITG machine’s on joint/doubles premium.  ♥

  4. Also, beware. All diets are setups pretty much (with the exception on just being able to watch your calorie intake) and could hurt you more in the long run. You’ll lose weight, but they’re so ridiculous that you won’t be able to keep it up so you’ll just gain it back.
    We also have a nutritionist on campus who I believe you can see for free. πŸ™‚
    Sorry for posting twice…

    1. I don’t really plan on doing anything that the commenters here tell me to. I sorta have it down already, I’m just going to eat like a regular person and exercise like a regular person. I don’t really know what brought on the onslaught of nutritional advice anyway. πŸ˜›

    1. Ew man no I am not a growing boy, I am a guy with slowing metabolism who’s also slightly lactose intolerant. I’ll stick with Vanilla-flavored Rice Dream, thanks.

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