Dammit Pirated copy of OSX 10.4.3 that I spent a long time to get working! How dare you not work in my laptop’s native 1440×900 resolution? And then for the final blow, you decide not to stand by when I close the case! Man you’d think that pre-release pirated cracked unsupported software would work reliably!
Oh well. At least I can look at how pretty it is for a while until I realize it’s useless.


    1. It’d need to be heavily patched. There are so many extra extension in my installation’s system folder to get so many non-Apple-supported types of machinery running properly, not to mention all the loopholes to get it to be cracked, and not realize where it’s being installed to – the ISO had to be patched with a 50MB file before I could even burn it to CD.

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