Entry barrage #2

I actually like the way the Porter Quad looks now. Looks like a demolition zone. There are giant holes in the ground where people once stood and conversed. Giant cranes lifting enormous poles, trucks all over the place, jackhammers, people standing in horror as their favorite landmark is soiled by reconstruction.


    1. They’re are demolishing the quad, bit by bit, looking for a leak in a pipe. They have caution tape everywhere around huge machinery. ick. I don’t know why Jeffery likes how it looks…. but whatever.
      THE most annoying thing (at least for me) is that I suspect it was one of them who left one of the doors to B building open (with a pen) this morning at 7:45 (I live right by this door), thus setting the alarm off and annoying the hell out of me. Now they have the door at the other end of the building is held open by an extention cord and the alarm is going off constantly, but at least it’s not by where I live.

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