Little-known Hybrid album!?!?!?!

Diggity-DANG! Hybrid are one of my favorite artists, and due to an edit someone made to their Wikipedia page, I ended up finding an entirely unreleased album made for advertising agencies – the article of which I quickly threw together after finding out about it.

It’s available from OiNK or Demonoid, so take a listen! It fits right in as a transition from Morning Sci-Fi to I Choose Noise – in fact, it uses some samples from those two albums as well as Hybrid Present Y4K. I’m liking it a buttload.

Parents On The Inter Net

Unlike many of you, I have a mom and a dad. What’s more, they use technology! Recently they’ve been putting videos online for one reason or another, so here are some links; take them as you will.

First off, my mom totally vlogs about the Departed! Shame on those mean commenters though.

Then my dad is interviewed about his work on Solaris Trusted Extensions! How fancy.

So there they are. Can’t you just TASTE the resemblance?

New song

Build Up

This was a quick song I made today… I wanted to do something calm, and in 3/4. But it seems that all of my songs end up starting calm and having shit stacked on top of them, so I went with that.

So eight measures play the current instrumentation, then four more measures act as sort of a transition, where everything echoes. It’s a weird thing to do, seeing as the beat is in multiples of three, but the measures are in multiples of two, but the addition of instruments is done in multiples of three, and parts of the song are in multiples of two again. Disregard that if it sounds overly complicated.

I think it sounds nice but I probably could have gone further with the build-up, like adding even more intense instruments on top. But whatever! Listen and tell me what you think.