Ticket cancel

Cancelling my ticket now. (Might be waiting on a hotline with Girl From Ipanema playing for a long time…)
Shiranne blogged real nice yesterday and it’s public so I might as well link it.
I think I need some time to recover… but man according to the lewd gestures and allusions to oysters and clams by my coworkers, I’m a single dude in the Bay Area now. (WHAT THE HELL DO I DO)
In other news, I’m not cancelling my flight to JFK (which would have acted as a transferring flight to London Heathrow then Tel Aviv). I’ll be in New York on July 6 and I might

The flight is totally non-refundable and is only transferable under my name for a year. AAAAAAAA WHY :[
That means either I don’t cancel my flight and let the $1500 (less than $1300 now with booking fees) just walk on by or I go somewhere else within the next year for a while (through London Heathrow due to booking with British Airways) or I actually DO go to Israel for some reason. :[
Man this throws a fucking wrench into things.


  1. You have friends all over and you do tend to travel and, hey, you have a passport. You going somewhere in the next year is sort of a foregone conclusion. And it’s already paid for! Yay!
    Hell of a way to decide to take a trip though… between them just taking your money, widespread theft of luggage and hiring people two evolutionary steps below mall cops to protect the world from terrists I don’t see why we’re all not flying right now. This airline crisis baffles me, sir.

    1. Well I’d like to go to Japan some time but I have to do it through British Airways and that will be like twice as expensive. Daaarrgghh.
      I’m going to give this a day or two and see what transpires.

  2. If you can travel SOMEWHERE, great.
    You don’t HAVE to go to Israel/anywhere just because you have the plane ticket. If you don’t, you’d have lost some money, but it’s just money. Sometimes ‘mistakes’ (though I don’t really think you made a mistake here) are expensive, but it’s not going to kill you!
    At least it’s not like those cheesy movies where couples have honeymoon tickets but then break up but then still have to go to the exotic location anyway, together but apart… Of course they have to because it’s a dramatic movie, but your life is not for the cinema, so you don’t have to! I had some coffee and I should have stopped this reply at the previous paragraph…
    Relatedly, I had this bf who was gonna go to Europe to see his extended family and I really wanted to go but then I realized I totally didn’t want to be with him and going would be Pretty Serious… so luckily I cut out of the whole thing just in time and didn’t buy any plane tickets at all… Later we had some get-back-together drama and bought some concert tickets but wound up splitting up again before the concert (Rancid, a pretty favorite band of both of us, possibly the last show before they all die of liver failure/lung cancer/whatever plagues punk rockers), so I had the tickets but neither of us wanted to go and I didn’t get a chance to sell them. I’ve been meaning to burn the tickets or something! Maybe I threw them out though. Again, should have stopped this reply two whole paragraphs ago.

    1. i once went to a sigur ros show with the kid i stopped dating three days prior to the show and the girl who punched me in the face hard enough that my lip started bleeding two days before the show. the show was amazing, besides the fact/due to the fact that i was crying the whole time.
      i definitely don’t think jeffrey should throw the tickets out. there are plenty of places he might as well go to and wants to go to. it’s not so little money that it can just be tossed around. he can totally turn this into something awesome instead.

      1. not saying he should throw it away.
        but if he doesn’t get a chance to use it because other stuff comes up, not to worry! no pressure to turn it into something else right away…

    1. I was thinkin of it!
      I was in Paris when I was 13 but dang of course I would like to see it again.
      BTW like I’m sayin, I will be in New York in July so I guess I will ALSO see you there.

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