Bears in the Area

Hello again from me; I am back in America after my two school quarters in Seattle.
The road trip ended pleasantly with a viewing of Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Ashland is a wonderful town and I totally want to return to it some time. It’s certainly got that indie vibe. Anyone under 20 in Ashland is a high school student visiting from another state along with the rest of their Drama class. It’s cute!
Today I dressed up all fancy and ferried into San Francisco for an interview at Aquent and then another one at the Jewish Community Federation (an organization that shares my initials). Both are for just month-long jobs – one in California starting ASAP, and one in Israel starting in a few months. Later, I went home and cooked a chicken dish consisting of forty garlic cloves and a half-cup of olive oil. My dad told me that I should try to start focusing on cooking things that won’t instantly give you a heart attack. Although my dish turned out splendidly, I think he is right!
Tomorrow, I file my taxes, unpack the rest of the boxes we drove down with, and pack back up for a few-days-long vacation down to a resort in San Diego with my dad and sister, where much beach-going and city-exploring will be had. A good Spring Break escape from the quite empty house that Betty once kept up.
After I return, I look forward to getting into the swing of the Bay Area again. I want to spend less time at home and more in a social environment. I want to casually swing by a friend’s place and spend the afternoon, just like Skeeter always did at Doug’s place, Sam at Clarissa’s, or Gerald at Arnold’s. I’m sure it happens in real life too, but I always found myself envying Nickelodeon characters.
I miss Shiranne and I wish summer could come sooner! She is going through turbulent work times and I wish I could have been more available in the past few days. Eventually I will be able to relax, and even after that I will be able to relax with Shiranne in the same country as me.


  1. Yeah, that’s my olive oil, and it takes me a really long time to get through it in part because it’s expensive… sooo… this whole “half a cup” thing…. not really happening for me.

  2. i believe the dish is literally called chicken and 40 cloves of garlic. or something just as literal with nothing left to the imagination.
    maybe it’s just me, and maybe it’s cause i’m cooking for mostly me, but if i want to eat healthy, i’ll eat healthy (as i type this, i’m eating broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and tuna, just kinda all put together in a salad with lemon juice.
    i mean, if i want to eat healthy, i don’t want to have to, i guess, learn and put time into having to learn how to cook healthy. and it’s just me, but i don’t really buy into learning how to cook high fat things healthy. i just think people are lying to themselves when they do that, but if it works, cool.
    i just don’t want to invest in the time in eating something healthy when i can just do something quick easy and simple and get the same effect i guess. i want to invest time in full flavors and full everything. but that’s just me.

    1. I agree! If I am going to cook I am going to focus on flavor and food quality, not healthiness. I mean sometimes that definitely goes hand in hand, but it’s not something I’m going to reach for. The solution is to just eat less.

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