I am on vacation with my dad and sister in San Diego! We woke up real early this morning and flew shortly afterward, checking into our snazzy hotel room quite early and enjoying the pool for a few hours. I haven’t been swimming in almost two years, and come to think of it, I think the last time was with Shiranne at Water World USA. ‘Course, all I did today was just let go of my breath and sink to the bottom for a while and lounge around in the hot tub, but it was still intensely relaxing.
We went to San Diego with barely any plans in mind – we know we’re going for Sea World and the Zoo, but besides that I’ve just been consulting Yelp for a few good botanical gardens and museums and earlier we raided the hotel’s brochure rack. We might go kayaking in the San Diego caves. Fun!
The only thing I’ve done when was in San Diego was attend Comic-Con twice and walk around downtown trying to find cheap food. I also saw Jack Black walking around. But that’s about it. Anyone out there in Inter-Land have San Diego Suggestions?


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