Hi there
I have left Seattle! The remainder of my stuff is in a rental PT Cruiser that my mom has rented, and the two of us are in a hotel outside of Portland, Oregon. We walked around the Pearl District and happened upon “First Thursday” where there are a bunch of art gallery open houses. Intensely pleasant as always!
Tomorrow, we head a bit east and drive along the Oregon side of the Columbia River, checking out waterfalls, dams, and the like. We’ve been told it’s heck of pretty. And in the evening we head back to Portland for a concert downtown.
We’ll be back in the Bay Area by Sunday. Okay I got bored of writing on the Internet so goodbye!

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  1. yay portland! yay first thursday! i miss first and last thursday… lucky you happened upon it! i went to multnomah falls just last week, glad you guys are seeing the sights 😀

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