After a few years of my site sitting around and doing nothing, I decided I’d have it continue to sit around and do nothing… IN STYLE!
I made my site all HTML5 and CSS3-ey by using more semantic elements and some nice gradient and shadow stuff. The site looks best in Chrome, but degrades gracefully in other browsers. I load my portfolio’s section names via Django, and I request my Twitter and LiveJournal feeds via JSONP. Furthermore, there is only one image on the page, the photo of me – everything else is done up in CSS. All in all, it’s a pretty and pretty simple site.


  1. Not a bad update, I like it. Looks fine in Firefox, too.
    While I’m at it, I figured I’d might as well bring up that v2 and v3 are completely broken (MOD_PYTHON errors, or something, maybe I’m just being dumb at 4:15) and v5 and v6 don’t update. I wouldn’t have brought it up if v4 still remained up to date (albeit with broken images), though.
    Nothing major about the older versions, but sometimes it’s fun to take a trip back to 2003 and look at the mandarin orange layout. 😛

    1. Thanks for checking on the old versions! I fixed ’em all. They don’t show the latest journal entries, but it’s because they were running on Movable Type at the time (although I moved to LJ and back for v4).

  2. Re: …
    Old thread, but not a dead thread ;-).
    I have no problem with any of this. I’m a huge YK fan. I think I had already read somewhere when I first discovered her that she sometimes mimics genres and specific songs, and since she’s a soundtrack artist primarily I don’t find that surprising at all. In many cases I would assume someone says, “we want music that sounds like _this_ for our movie, only different enough we don’t get sued”.
    I like her stuff, basically, I don’t really care if she listens to Bolero 80 times then rights a cool song based on it. Now if every single one of her works were reinterpretations of an existing tune, that would bum me out a bit, but I don’t think that’s the case.

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