Stop Reading

Oh god, it is so true. If you find yourself acting like this, then stop.

I’m at another one of those points where I really feel like blogging, but I have nothing to say, nor am I really in the state of mind to convey and coherent thoughts. I think it’s because I’m listening to Coldplay. Maybe by simply stating that, this blog will greatly extend in size and I’ll be able to, well, convey coherent thoughts. My god, I think it’s happening already!

I’m writing this at a time that I’ve allotted for blogging, fortunately. My acceptance into UC Santa Cruz has definitely given me more of a drive, and more of a mission in life. The next four years will be filled with purpose – it costs money to go where I’m going, and now that I am sure I have reason to keep on living, I will happily end my final year of high school by trying much harder.

Please don’t take anything in the last paragraph as a suicidal remark. It’s hard to get through the heads of some people that thinking about purpose in life is a sign of introspection, not depression. I’m actually quite happy with the way things are going nowadays. Death is always an available alternative, but I don’t think about death often – when I talk about life, I’m talking about LIFE. You don’t need to live like you’re preparing for death. Rather, life like you’re enjoying what you’re doing now.

Oh yeah, and I’ll be as insulting as I want, this blog has no subject and therefore no boundaries – if your religion teaches you to prepare for an afterlife by suffering in this life, please rethink what you’re doing.

Learning about the viewpoints of other people makes me feel good. It makes me know that there are people out there whose opinions are genuine. They’re not necessarily original, but no one is. I’m sure that there are millions of people that think like I do.

Here’s yet another observation on, well, thought: I haven’t seen many people that fit this description at my age, as most have moved on to form their own concrete identity, but it was in late middle school and early high school that I saw people alienating themselves from the rest of the community solely for the purpose of proclaiming their individuality and originality. I would observe those people and laugh, thinking, “although I still have the dignity to generally conform to the other kids, I have the capability of analyzing and criticizing their point of view. This makes me smarter than anyone on either side!”

It was later that I noticed that simply acknowledging my oberservations doesn’t make me smarter than anyone else.

It was later that I noticed that simply acknowledging THAT doesn’t make me smarter than anyone else.

And on, and on. The way you really find that your thoughts are genuine is when you can sympathize with someone else who has come to the same conclusions and ideas… through their own methods.

I can’t believe I didn’t take Philosophy. I hope I have a chance to do so in college.

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