Stupid LJ communities

What is the deal with elitist communities, and why do people do it?
First of all, there’s the extremity factor. They put “fuck” in the name as if it shows they KNOW what’s going on. (e.g. fuckingxcute_, fucking_fine, ohfuck_layouts)
Then there’s the fact that all people who enter in the first place are just doing it t

I just noticed that I’m a fool for even bothering with this level of stupidity. If you really want to know why all elitist communities are retarded (if you didn’t think so already), please feel free to comment, or something.


  1. “Extreme” elitist communities ANYWHERE suck and/or are seriously retarded. However, online you get a searchable record of their behavior. Offline, you just have to get out of their way before they crush you.

    1. I got tired of it when I noticed all the members didn’t rate anything; they just went o_;;;; ;ee;;; ;;e;; ; :OP to everything, and they weren’t as mean as they said.

  2. I wasn’t aware of the existence of such places until you pointed them out to me. …Thanks?
    While they differ a little bit in appeal (ie you have to be a effing hottie or effing great with your effing journal layout) it’s probably done for the same reason, the community heads not only want to make ‘friends’, they want to be the centre of attention and people join in or join up because:
    A)they already have an in.
    B)They’re THAT lonely and/or they want acceptance.
    Yes, sometimes the people in category B are incredibly misguided. But I think they’d be more apt to show off their journal layout skillz.
    As for the ‘hawt’ rating sites… It just goes to show you that everybody’s trying to be a presence online now, even people who shouldn’t in this case it sounds like the obnoxious ‘zaftig’ friends of the most beautiful people in school–Y’know the TRUE judges of beauty.
    I wonder if there’s a rating group for rating groups? What is it called? fuckingunneccessary? fuckingredundant? fuckingoverboard?
    No… if there was one it would be called something like
    fuckinghotgroupsxxxelite. Unintentionally, I might add.

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