More like Trader Holyshit

Man alive, was tonight a night.

Punch in at Trader Joe’s, get my paycheck, and uh, then tell them that I’d be quitting in a week. Eh heh.

I start off on my nightly routine of wheeling items from the warehouse and breaking down pallets, and then I get the announcement that SEVEN PEOPLE (out of, like, 15) would be out tonight due to calling in sick or abruptly quitting. Well okay. I like fast-paced nights. I can get a lot more done, and it’s fun.

So I go back in the warehouse, loading cardboard into the baler, and a newbie asks me how to operate one of those mechanized jacks. The ones that are freaky hard to steer, but can lift enormously heavy crap with the push of a button.

I show him the basics, he nods in understanding, and then drives the jack RIGHT INTO TWO STACKS OF CASES OF GEROLSTEINER. Those’re the heavy, glass bottles of German mineral water. Before one can say “HOLY SHIT STOP THAT’S GLASS,” the entire warehouse is flooded with Germany’s finest.

So yeah, that takes about half an hour to mop up and clear all the glass away, until one of the full-timers comes over and zooms around, sopping up the excess in a Zamboni. :O

It’s back to work, just puttin’ the chipses on the shelveses, and I hear one fucking hell of a crash in the aisle next to mine – seems the spice rack had too many shelves rolled out, and it came loose from its backing wall. Jars of assorted spices cover the entire aisle – many of them broken – and there’s the rack, face down in the middle of the mayhem.

I don’t know. Bad, BAD karma. 7 people gone, flooded warehouse, broken spice rack, all in the same night. Maybe it’s to balance out the most important thing that happened with ME tonight, though:

I told this cute cashier that applied to TJ’s on the same day as me that I’m leaving for school in a few weeks, and she gave me her number, saying we should hang out. Now I don’t really know anything about her – I just sorta stutter when she asks me how I’m doing from time to time – but yeah. If I call her up, what should I suggest we do? Should I ask her what she likes? See if she’s doing anything? I don’t know.

And no, this is not a valid suggestion.

From now on, I am going to reply “…” to anything anyone ever says to me online. That’ll show ’em. HA!

Well! Now that all this iPod business is said and done, I’d like to thank all that signed up under me. You got me my iPod. Hope those of you who followed through also found 5 other people to get you your iPod as well.

Gratis also offers other stuff using the same affiliate program, like flat screen monitors and even desktop PCs. I’m not 100% interested as I already have a good computer and two monitors and all I’d be able to do with any extra is sell them, but hey, that’s money.

So now I’m trying flat screens. Everyone hop on board. If not to get your own flat screen, then just to aid me in my little venture. From what I’ve heard, Infone is free to sign up, and they give you some sort of Amazon gift certificate.

Subconscious plagiarism

Arg I did it again.

Back when I composed MIDIs, I made this nice melody for some game I was trying to do, and a few months later, someone came across my site and told me that the melody seemed to be stolen from the theme to Casper: The Movie, of all places. I was like wtf, I haven’t seen that movie in years. But I downloaded the track in question and I was like wtf I subconsciously stole. Likewtf. :(

And now I’ve done it AGAIN. I knew the drum intro for 新しい 二 was taken from somewhere, but I could find no clue at all as to what it was from, so I decided hey, it must be my own idea. A month later, The Earth Light by L.E.D. Light (from beatmania) shows up on my iPod and I’m like ARRGG ANGER.



Just finished reading through Yatsubato!, Azmuma Kiyohiko’s latest manga. He’s the one that made Azumanga Daioh, and Yatsubato! is just more slice-of-life goodness. It’s less comedic, and in traditional manga form, compared to Azumanga Daioh’s 4-frame punchline format.

You can download 18 issues here. Good stuff.

edit: I SUCK.


So after 2 months of no reply (and already finding another job), Sun Microsystems has HIRED ME. Umm.

So that means I’m probably quitting Trader Joe’s ASAP, and driving down to the south bay for the last few weeks of summer for some website designin’, and then working part time over the school year.

Well uh okay.