Time for some major song transferrin’.

And due to popular demand:
Ordered on 7/27
Progress 3 on 8/2
Shipped on 8/18
Arrived 8/23

58 thoughts on “HEY GUESS WHAT ARRIVED.”

      1. How are you ripping people off when they have no money to spend? Isn’t that what “scamming” people is all about? Taking their money?
        I thought it went without saying that a very small amount of people will actually have enough people to complete offers. But guess what – I got one, and a lot of my friends did too. Sucks for you, jumping on the bandwagon so late, Mr. Anonymous.

        1. Yeah, you just keep telling yourself whatever you need to hear to be comfortable with your tainted goods.
          I hope you are enjoying all the spam you are receiving on whichever email address you used to sign up. Thats right, they sell your email address to a myriad of spammers. I gave them a disposable email just to see what would happen. Within minutes I started getting spam on that address. I didnt go any further with their required processes as I am not happy supporting Spammer friendly companies.

          1. Hey hey smarty, you said yourself what I’ve been doing. I used a disposable address, and even that address has a spam filter, and it got rid of the stuff I was being sent.
            What in hell’s name do you mean by “tainted goods”? What part of this is shady or illegal? I hope you realize that this iPod was shipped from Apple’s manufacturer, to eCost, straight to me.

            1. Supporting a website that supports spammers is shady in my book.
              I wonder how many spam emails were sent as a direct result of your clickthroughs and publicity of the Freeipods website? If you think none then you are deluding yourself.

              1. When did I ever say that this was a completely clean, non-information-leeching, legitimate friendly service? I just replied to you saying that I signed up just to stop spam email. You’d think that in this age, people know where and when spam’s going to come. I was willing to give out an email address and my personal information such as my mailing address so as to get a $300 iPod. It’s worth it to me.

          2. Dumb-Ass
            okay. i’m not the same person as before, but i stumbled onto your journal after viewing the link and the free ipod guide. i’m currently waiting on my ipod, so i don’t personally have a problem with the gratis company. if you know how to work it, it’s worth the pain.
            In any case, as an English major, i wanted to take this opportunity to say something to your other anonymous poster who tried and failed, to use myriad and make himself sound cool.
            hey kiddo, if you know the actual usage of the word, it is considered and adjective. it is used as a noun in contempory English, but Oxford does not consider it a noun, unless used in the archiac sense to mean 10,000.
            in other words, besides have HUGE holes in your theory, you look like a dumb-ass for miss-using a very small word.

            1. Re: Dumb-Ass
              In respect of all English majors worldwide, a Music major will now correct this man’s mistakes.
              original: “it is considered and adjective”
              correction: “it is considered an adjective”
              original: “archiac”
              correction: “archaic”
              original: “besides have HUGE holes in your theory”
              correction: “besides having HUGE holes in your theory”
              original: “miss-using”
              correction: “misusing”
              Godspeed in your quest for a degree, lad. But thanks for defending my stance anyway. :P

    1. Sure, here’s my progress:
      Ordered on 7/27
      Progress 3 on 8/2
      Shipped on 8/18
      Arrived 8/23
      (I’ll post this on the main entry… already got this question a few times since I posted this.)

      1. sorry! i dont think it was posted yet when i came by.. but thanks.
        and cool layout and comic. maybe i’ll see your stuff in the comics section in newspapers one day and remember you. like HEY! THATS THE IPOD GUY!! hahaha. okay bye! enjoy your ipod :D

    1. Well, the 20GB iPod is $299. It’s light, it’s a 20 gig hard drive, it’s very durable, comes with FireWire and USB, headphones, adaptor, and I can imagine its hardware and software are pretty advanced.
      I agree, even with all that it’s pretty overpriced. I wonder how much people are paying just for the “designer” aspect.

    2. The 20 GB is $299; the 40 GB is $399. It’s because the iPod is more than JUST an MP3 player. It’s an external hard drive, it’s a PDA, and it has games on it. Why the iPod mini is $250 though, that I’ll never know.

        1. hmm…alright I can see why the drive itself is a steal when you buy it as part of an iPod mini, but for the amount of money the mini costs you can get a 15 GB MP3 player from just about any of the other major players (no pun intended) in the MP3 player market, or you can spend $50 more and buy a full-sized iPod that holds 5 times the amount of music. Idunno, the drive is definitely cool technology, but the player itself strikes me as stupid unless you can somehow get it for half it’s retail value.

    almost makes me want to get started on my five. once i get my check card for the online as it seems. fuck.
    how do i acess my account by the way? i’m sorta in mid-transition what with the reg-ing and all that. i didn’t sign up for an offer, and what not.
    humph. made a believer out of me!

    1. haha yeah it will give you cancer or something. Thats tight though. But thwne you refer people and they sign up and they have to give their credit card number, they’ll probably sell the number to porn freaks.

        1. References
          What referals did you click on in order to get your iPod, and also, did all you 5 email address that you put in click on a referal?

          1. Re: References
            I don’t understand your second question – I got more than 5 other people to sign up under my referral and sign up with affiliates… but yeah, I used Ancestry.com.

    1. congrats
      now it looks like you just need freebetterdigitalcameras.com and you’d be all set HAHAHAHA JK JK. lucky dog.

      1. Re: i sign up form your link did you get credit for it?
        you posted your link on gmailforums.com back when it was still allowed, i followed the link and signed up, and completed an offer but i never heard from you as to whethere you got credit for my signing up or.

  2. i just stumbled across your journal through , and i just had to say that your layout is incredible. you are an LJ god….or something.

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