So after 2 months of no reply (and already finding another job), Sun Microsystems has HIRED ME. Umm.

So that means I’m probably quitting Trader Joe’s ASAP, and driving down to the south bay for the last few weeks of summer for some website designin’, and then working part time over the school year.

Well uh okay.

14 thoughts on “Hired.”

  1. I highly recommend not doing that
    Sun is about to announce another round of layoffs — just like them – fire all the normal people every few months, rape a few interns and hire new staff to get the work done. Then, a few months later, repeat the process.
    Congratulations though. I’d stay working for a Not Evil company like Trader Joes myself

    1. Re: I highly recommend not doing that
      Actually, during the first round of layoffs this summer, my position was dropped. This has been pending for some time. Also, I’ll be working as an internal project web designer for Trusted Solaris projects – a position that no one has had for a few years.

      1. Re: I highly recommend not doing that
        not many jobs are really permanent, so wondering whether they’ll lay people off again isn’t reason to not get some experience na.
        You should post later about whether they’re really evil or not. Meanwhile, grats yo :)

  2. heh.
    It’s not really in the same league, but it reminds me of when Paul from TL applied to Victoria’s Secret. No response. So, about 1/2 weeks later, he gets hired at CompUSA. And as soon as he signs the papers, Vicky’s calls him up and begs him to take the job.
    Tee hee.

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