edit: ftw is a bandwagon

Hey, jumpin’ on the bandwagon. Comment and I’ll reply with a completely honest opinion of what I think of you. Positively AND negatively. Like, if I don’t know you well, I’m not going to try to make anything up about how friendly you might be. :D

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    1. You – are – a – good – guy. It’s cliche, but as the artist of a comic which you grew to not really like, it’s good to see how you were able to handle the hordes of crazy fans and not let them down. From what I remember, you’ve never really acted like an ass to anyone online.
      Offline, you’re still friendly, and rather down-to-earth. But guess what, Internet… *gasp* Ian Jones-Quartey of happy-go-fun-time RPG World’s Comicsx drinks BEER!

    1. Back in the days, you were the pinnacle of absolute sarcasm. You pulled off the “badass” feel as well as a kid in his mid-teens could… on the Internet. There were times that we got into arguments, and I really don’t remember the content of the arguments, but more often than not, it was a battle of wits and you always seemed to win. I was a little intimidated by you back then – you really didn’t seem like the nicest of guys.
      Now I’m sure you’re still not the nicest of guys, but you’ve definitely changed. All conversations are cordial, and while most of your posts maintain the badass feel, they’re not too down-in-the-dumps anymore. Probably because things have cooled off, but I don’t know. You know. I don’t know.
      And trust me, when you ask me for help, it’s not as annoying as you might think. I like to get off my ass and do productive stuff. You definitely ask me to help you a lot more than most people, but I’m glad you’re often pleased with my result.

    1. Before I met you, I heard nothing but bad things about you. Mostly from the usual crew, like Bryan and uh, Adam and stuff. ‘Course you were just a name, but when I actually met you, I personally had no reason to dislike you. And as of now, I still have no reason to dislike you, which leads me to believe that you’re a nice guy! :P
      From time to time you have sorta made an ass of yourself. I don’t remember like it’s yesterday, but at the Oasis you’d often be, like, hugging people and everyone would think you’re weird. Or maybe you’d just be hugging me. But hey, it was cool.
      One thing I can’t stand is your emo posts. You seem to preface every one of them with “Forgive this emo post,” etc. etc. etc. You’re too self-conscious. But then again, those posts seem to deal with relationship stuff where you get the shit end of the stick, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve really learned yet that that’s life. But then again, you’re much more headstrong about getting into relationships than I am, and that’s a good thing.
      Yes, we joke about you being the “masturbation king” from time to time, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I miss having you around; it’s as if you were one of the main people in a group of friends I don’t seem to see as much anymore.

      1. Yea,I remember those earlier Oasis times,I really was an ass. Like seeing how many quarters it took me to shove down a girls shirt befroe she let me reach down and get them for her (or something like that,I dont remember). But I assure you for the last 6 months of my oasis-ing the hugs were all good.
        About the emo posts,yea,I imagine they must get pretty annoying and repetitive. But theyre usually not even expected to be read; they’re just a release for me. I don’t cut I dont really do drugs or drink a lot, I LJ to releasemy frustration. But yea,sorry about the quantity if nothing else.
        And I miss you too,of course. I miss everyone there and the good ole’ days of CAR and such. And those good,deep pseudo-intellectual talks we got every once in a while. I can’t wait to visit.

    1. You were definitely the most friendly, outgoing guy I met at UCSC. It’s no secret that you made a genuine effort to win the friendship of everyone at Porter. I really envy you for that. When you told me to get up off FFXI or whatever I was doing on the computer, it was annoying at times, but I really should have listened to your advice. It’s also been nice going to late night a few times during the year, and talking. I was able to get stuff off my chest, and you understood.
      I think you’re a bit too selfless. Just from what I read on your journal, it seems like you don’t really stand up for yourself enough. I think it had to do with the job thing. Sure, you applied to those jobs, but it seems like you were doing it just to please your dad. When the freeipods thing came around, you were really hesitant to post your own link before you posted others’. You need to gain some self-esteem and put yourself out there. I just get the vibe that you seem a bit insecure, and I see no reason why you should be.
      You show more spirit for Porter and UCSC than most anyone I know. I’m not really much of a spirited guy, but I’m glad you like it there. I agree that I definitely can’t wait to get back, though.

      1. I was afraid that I would be annoying everytime I told you that you should get off of FFXI…idunno, I think it’s because my best friend got hooked on MMORPGs like Everquest, and Dark Age of Camelot that it almost seemed instinctive. Oh wells, I thank you very much for the eval…t’was everything I expected and more. :-)

    1. Honestly, I still don’t know too much about you. I heard your name tossed around before I met you, and it was often with negative connotations… I really don’t know why. I can’t really remember what was said, but whatever it was, the times I had hanging out with you and other friends completely disproves it. You’re very friendly, and generous, too. Thanks for Nodding Nessie and the European candies and taking us all paintballing and a whole lot of other stuff, too.
      I envy your writing and reading skills. You tend to write a lot of poetry on LJ and I make a genuine effort to try to read it and internally critique it, but you’re definitely talented. I think you’re a bit dramatic, but you’re often vague about stuff and I can’t tell why.
      But in more recent news, thanks a lot for stopping over and driving us yesterday. You didn’t seem in the best of moods, but it was quite nice to pick us up in teh city.

      1. Thanks kid! Both for telling me all that and for complementing me. :-)
        And thank you for reading my stuff too!
        We should get to know each other better and perhaps you’ll see a bit better why I seem so dramatic. *laughs* Sorry about my bad mood yesterday, hope I didn’t take it out on you guys.
        And you are very welcome for the Nessie and whatnot.

    1. This is probably the hardest one for me to write, because I’ve attempted writing something similar and a lot more private and sorta failed. I had really strong feelings for you a year ago, and I’m sure you know that. Hanging out with you and talking with you was what sorta made the previous summer unforgettable.
      Basically it’s difficult to write this because I’m trying to think of things you don’t already know. We share a whole load of interests – drawing, design, programming websites, computers in general – and still we’re quite different in terms of our style and tastes, so much that we don’t get bored of each other or anything.
      I’ve always been jealous of your ability to stay on top of the latest trends in music and related topics. From time to time I felt as if I needed to compete with you to show I wasn’t completely out of the loop, and most of it was just out of insecurity.
      As for insecurity, I remember when you felt insecure about your future and really had no idea where you were going, both for college and well, in life. I felt, and still feel, exactly the same thing. And it’s probably the most distressing thing in my life – I don’t like thinking about my future.
      Basically, all of our similarities and all of the things we can learn from each other makes our friendship a really good one. Hanging out with you yesterday made my day. Most importantly, though, only when you’re having a good time is when I’m satisfied. I genuinely want you to be happy in life. Egh, cheesy, but yeah. I don’t know how to end this well.

    1. no
      I always get you mixed up with Karva. I’m sorry. :( Although yeah, he’s the gay furry and you’re not, as far as I can tell.
      I think back when I was only in #rpgcomics, I thought you were a total ass. I think you were just really mean to us RPG comic fans. But now that I look back, it’s probably because I was a stuck-up, uptight little boy and most of the people in #rpgcomics were lameo.
      So now I think of you as the generic sarcastic guy in #4toontellers. You’re clever, mos def. Heh heh. Yeahthat’saboutit

    1. First memory of you is, of course, doing something wacky on the DDR machine. Having a seizure to the tune of bag. And then screaming “PANTSU” in that Metreon anime store and being asked to stop.
      Of course it was nothing but the Interjournalnetland that actually brough some depth into my view of you. You’re clever, by God, and like, from what I can tell, the king of pop culture references. What’s more, though, you’re quite friendly. Whenever it came to planning outings ‘n’ such, you were always quite cordial, and versatile as well.
      It’s probably just jealousy, but I’ve started to get sorta tired of the format of your entries – basically a whole entourage of race-related media stuff that I know nothing about, of which you seem very enthusiastic. I’m just out of the loop, I’m sure. It’s probably because I don’t watch TV.
      But hanging out with you recently at 3vil or whatever tourney was very good times. You make events like those fun – you really energize everyone else and make them lighten up. James and I appreciate having you around, totally.

      1. wow, thank you very much for that.
        and funny you mention my LJ, cause that’s what tonight’s post is about, the direction that my LJ is going. keep intuned for details!!!
        oh, and by the way, i honestly don’t think i can participate in this meme just because i would burn a lot of bridges and anger some people, of course not you though, i think you’re an extremely talented artist who’s mastry of internet wit and irony is outstanding.
        i also find you to be a true rennaisance man, someone who has his hands in a whole bunch of things, and i really respect that, even a tad bit envious at times.
        so yeah. looks like i lied.

    1. I don’t know where Brad “found” you, but you’re a REALLY GREAT CARTOONIST. Seriously, your style is simple yet original, and totally awesome. I get you on the randomness thing, though – while it would be hecka rad to sit down and make a comic series, it might get monotonous. And your comics are anything but monotonous – at times, they’re, like, genius. Like the kid that Tsuyoshi had to face off against (“I LIKE GAMEZ MISTER”) was amazing. As are your more recent deviantART comics. Weo.
      And to be honest, I don’t know much more about you than that. And being totally honest, I often skip over your blogs. :| And sometimes I get the feeling that you might read MegaTokyo or something because you use stuff like 0’s for o’s and 3’s for e’[email protected]#! OH NO!
      But yes I envy your style and you are cool guy.

    1. Re: what about me?
      You’re an asshole. You decide to leave the stupidest, most disjointed comments I’ve ever received, and you never make any sense. Your posting is erratic. I basically think you’re a horrible person.

    1. Well, Internet-girl, you seem to be all smiles, yet in sort of a bittersweet fashion. From what I can gather, you’ve been through a lot in terms of relationships, but you seem to have ways of dealing with it and keeping happy. I know, that’s sorta really general, but all I do is read entries. :\
      I’ve been surprised in the past at how pleased you seem to be at my responses. Like, you’ve thanked me in the past for commenting, or asking how you’re doing, or really simple things like that. I’ve been sorta taken aback that you appreciated it, since I personally didn’t see it as much. But I can really just say what’s already been said – thanks for reading my LJ, and it’s been a pleasure reading yours.

    1. Hey. You’re quite the friendly internet personality. Doesn’t take to sarcasm, is just full-on nice to everyone. I don’t know too much about your interests besides webcomics, of course, but to me, you’re the only well-rounded born-again Christian that I’ve ever met.
      And about that: I respect you because of that. I never really liked the idea of “born-again” religion… but it makes me feel as if those who have gone through whatever process that implies have definitely reached a big decision in their lives. My only gripe is that I feel born-again religious folk act the friendly, homely way they seem to just because of their religion. I don’t know.
      Some posts I’ve seen from you on LJ seem to get really dramatic and are definitely not like I’ve seen from you on IRC. You’re definitely not all smiles. But still, to me, you’re the neighborhood Ned Flanders, only not as annoying. Yeah, I’d say that’s a good thing.

    1. Throughout high school, you started to drift farther away from my closer group of friends. You became much more involved in business and seemed to be looking far beyond school and most forms of basic socialization. But now, you seem to have settled down and I’d stay you’re still the same ol’ Steve that used to put “.com” on all the TFH we wrote. And that’s good to know.
      I’ve always seen you as somewhat erratic, and very, very confident. One of the most confident people I know. I recently saw Office Space (yeah, for the first time :\) and after the main character goes through his little hypnosis session and loosens up, I was like OH HELLO STEVE WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE MOVIE.

    1. I don’t like to come off as an ass to people I don’t know. There are a lot of personalities on the Internet that would rip people they don’t know to shreds simply because they tried to be friends and everything, and they’re busy people. I don’t think I’m like that and I don’t like to be that, but I did say I’d be completely honest here.
      I’m glad you like reading my journal, but it seems like you’re often pretty confused at what’s going on. Like, I read a comment you made on Ian’s journal, asking him if he made an animation that he posted. I was like, duh. Yeah. He did.
      I didn’t want to reply back to you when you first posted on my journal, because I honestly wasn’t too interested in hearing about your life. My “policy” is that people can add me to their friends list, but I’m not really obligated to read their journal in return. I did skim through a few times, and I saw that you’ve been through pretty complicated times, like with your parents. You seem like a simply peaceful person, and that’s cool.
      Okay, I tried my best. :P

      1. You are pretty blunt… but yeah you are right…. half the time i DONT know what the hell is going on… and yes I am and idiot…. And my lofe growing up was a bitch…
        And about the animation?? I wasnt for sure…. Some people take shit and say that they did it…. Not saying that he did …. but i was just curious….
        And no one is ever obligated to read anyones journal… If something catches my eye i read it and comment…. Thats why I dont always comment on yours…. or anyone elses…
        I am a peaceful person when i dont have issues to work out… thats what i use LJ for…. so if someone has any input, or advice they can give it…..
        Thats alright… you were just being honest…. =)

    1. I’d say you’re “chaotic.” While definitely being intelligent and seeming to know what you’re doing and having a great ability to observe and reason, you consciously make choices that you know might screw stuff up. I can’t think of one certain instance, but you know, it’s all got to do with relationships, groups of friends, decisions like that… and stuff that has gotten you into juvy.
      You go for it, but it doesn’t seem like you’re often ready to handle the long-term consequences. This is a lot like any usual high school student, only I’d say you’re smarter, and probably more confident. Above all, you’re fun to hang out with, and so whether or not you’re hostile and often quite dramatic, it’s good to have you around.
      Sorry I’ve been flakey in driving you around and stuff this summer. I’m seriously not trying to avoid you or anything. It was good seeing you yesterday – just by looking at you (albeit sleepy) I’d say you’ve matured a bit.

    1. Hello :O
      You’re an extremely generous person. You strive to make everyone happy; you feel bad when others feel bad. From what I’ve seen, it looks like you go into bouts of depression when you can’t fulfill the desires of your friends. This shows most of all in the way you treat Oniko. Of course, Oniko’s herself, and that says a lot, but you know, I’ve approached you about this before – you fell awkwardly silent and treated her strangely, just at random. I understand, though, and I’m sure you do, too.
      When I first met you my impression was that you’re reserved, argumentative, and don’t take kindly to new people… that is kinda true, but it’s all stuff that once you get to know a person, well, it’s not really an issue anymore. I don’t know. This is all stuff that was in the past, and currently, it’s like, none of this stuff even applies anymore.
      You’re fun to talk to, you’re a great – and improving – artist, and the fact that you can be open and straightforward is great. Hope to hang with you muchs next year.

    1. I’ve always been concerned about how you treat women when you first meet them. I’ve seen it a few times: you place them on a pedestal, you pamper them, you’re all smiles, and then you ask for a phone number.
      This is probably from me being totally paranoid and thinking that women don’t like to be treated this way. It’s probably jealousy. I couldn’t do that. But yeah, I’ve always seen you as the “ladies’ man” type. I won’t get into what others think, but hey, I respect it. You’re not creepy and there really isn’t anything wrong with you – so why not?
      But yeah, you’s a cool guy. You’re good at acting, you’ve got great taste in music, and it’s fun hanging out with you and the rest of the OG Marin crew (yeah, I’d say you’re part of that).

      1. What is the OG Marin Crew?
        How are you supposed to treat women? They are special, or at least the ones I’m interested in (ho ho)! I don’t place the ones I don’t like on a pedestal.
        Thanks dude.

        1. My personal OG Marin crew is Arthur, Simeon, Jeff, Steve, and you, albeit a latecomer. Well, Steve’s sort of a latecomer too. I think. You know. A+S+J and I all went to the same elementary school.

    1. Re: I am Brad.
      Brad you are Coolguy McAwesome. My honest opinion is that you’re friendly, smart, clever, and talented. Bad points? Let’s see…
      It seems like you sometimes limit yourself by maintaining conservative views on appropriateness. This might change as you get older and stuff, but you know. I just think that because of your upbringing you’re slightly hindered at times. Like back when we were making LD, I had to sorta change the premise around a bit to retain “good taste.” I don’t know.
      But that hasn’t stopped you from constantly improving your skills. I’m totally envious of your progress in design school. All the animations and models and everything you’ve done, well, yeah, I can’t do.
      I heard from Kristen that she’s visiting CA some time soon. Are you going as well?

      1. Visiting and Views
        Yup, I’m visiting at Christmas, when Kristen is moving back. I’m hoping to visit Marin, but we’ll see.
        As to my conservative views, I admit that I have them. Although I still maintain those views for my personal conduct and work (Rated PG :D), over the past year I have grown much more tolerant of things I would have avoided before, and learned to laugh at the humour behind them, rather than be put off by the “inappropriateness”.

    1. I don’t know who you are. I think when you put me on your friends list you went “added,” as if I just won a prize from the Association of Indie Hipsters, so that generated an opinion of some sort.
      But you seem cool. Nothing wrong with that!

      1. No you ain’t too late, I’m just really lazy in doing these. They’re hard.
        Of course, you’re energetic, loud, bouncy, and I like that. You pull it off well. Of course it’s being hyperactive, but you are truly a good friend, and I don’t see why anyone would have to complain or be turned off by someone who emanates so much positive energy.
        I think you need to have more self-esteem. New ideas don’t come easy to you, and it’s usually because of the way you approach most new things – very cautiously. By that I mean, you often seem to be na├»ve when it comes to something someone’s doing on the Internet, or an activity someone’s starting up – I don’t know. I can’t think of any good examples. All I’m saying is that you should be less conscious about screwing up and making a bad name for yourself – people won’t hate you that easily.
        So yeah, you can be very happy or very sad, but either way, you’re a good person.

        1. Wow. I must say, I totally believed that you hated me thoroughly. Seeing as you’re a devout atheist (har har) I guess you’d have no reason to lie, which is good, in a way. I admire you more than most people. In my opinion, you’ve always been one of those top-rung guys who know they’re top-rung but still treats everyone with kindness and helpfulness. In other words, you use your powers for good rather than evil. I appreciate it and I always have. *hugz* I’m sure you know this, but I’d just like to reinforce it: You’ll do great things.

    1. Hello
      In the words of that one guy from those Fenslerfilm things, WE HAD A GOOD CONVERSATION.
      Like uh, you know. We talk about cool stuff. And you like cool things… on the internet. And you’re not asshole-ish. And um… you trace good.
      I shouldn’t have attempted one of these after watching a lot of Bonus Stage. :(

    1. Heylo, sorry for the long wait. These things are tiring to write.
      You’ve always been very enigmatic to me. Not in a “HAH AAH I AM MYSTERIOUS THAT MAKES ME SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU” way, but more like, I just can’t seem to place you. I’d describe you as passionate – you seem to be very involved in everything you do, whether it’s practicing Judaism, performing, and just being involved in your hobbies and interests.
      Even better, everything you do is so varied – you’re very versatile and it shows from all the different groups of friends you have. You’re open, you appreciate life, and you’re a good friend.

  1. Bandwagon!! Wooo!
    This is the art of posting comments late(r) so Jeffrey doesn’t read them and then whine about it. And I’m skill master at that.
    PS Guys only like girls when they have skills, y’know . . . like . . . bowhunting skills, or numchuk skills, or computer hacking skills.

    1. Re: Bandwagon!! Wooo!
      Honestly (as the blog says), I do not hate you. It’s taken me a long time to go down this entire thing – these things are tiring to write, because it’s hard to be so honest without trying to save your ass. And it’s not my fault that you posted way after everyone else! :P
      On that note, I think you’re too sensitive. I can imagine why – there’s no good reason to trust people when they show no signs of reliability – but, like what happened with me last summer, you hear something about someone from a friend and all of a sudden, they’re in the shit list. I just think you need to chill out a bit.
      But that doesn’t truly affect the way you act around people, just how you think of them. You’re much different than when I met you a few years ago, but that’s not a bad thing at all. You have a very sharp wit and an intelligence to match it, and overall, you’re fun to be around.

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