More On Dreams (pun)

One of my most memorable dreams was from about 10 years ago – I believe it was a recurring one. At the time, I was playing a lot of Doom, since it was ported to UNIX (the only operating systems we had at home, at the time). I played it on God mode most of the time, because I was an 8-year-old pansy. But the guy’s yellow eyes really scared me.

So my dream was about Doom – I was wandering around a level that was a lot like the interior of the Marin JCC, and the game seemed to have a few King’s Quest elements, such as dialogue and an inventory.

So the most memorable part was that I was confronted by one of those big centaur-esque robo-demon-lord things, and it said to me, “you cannot pass, you must present me with a sacrifice to continue.” So my gun went down so as to change weapons, and up came my character’s hands holding what looked like a dead baby. My guy’s face in the status bar started smiling a lot.


I had a dream last night that I had to move a great number of live spiders from one container to another, and I failed in doing so, and spiders were crawling all over and around me. Good thing that in the dream, they were spiders that were meant to be eaten, so they didn’t bite me or anything.

And to think that I had that dream because I caught a cricket I found chirping inside the house yesterday and let it outside.

FUN DAY, FUN DAY, FUN DAY! (on Saturday)

James and I drove to Great America and only had to spend $28 each on a ticket! Sweet deal although that’s still freaking expensive ok.

We met Allison and April and DCB and their friends and other people I don’t really know well but James seems to know more about them than I do, and we hung out with some of them some of the time and others other times.

Went on Top Gun, Demon, Rip Roaring Rapids, and um, that other one, you know, the boat swing thing. We were there for about 5 hours, and considering that it was on a Saturday and we played some arcade games and stopped for food and the lines were long, I guess we made good use of our time.

Great America has a new “extremity” rating system for their rides. Top Gun, Vortex, Drop Zone, etc. are 4… I believe the only 5 is Invertigo, which I’ve never gone on. But it doesn’t look too extreme to me. It’s like, a few loops and you go backwards and forwards a bit. I don’t know.

We once stopped off to play a “shoot water at the target” game, and I won because I am supar aimar. and my prize:

Yes, that’s right, a neon pillow with “LOL” embroidered on the front. AWESOME CROSSES.

Had trouble finding my car when we left the park. We split up, and were probably wandering the vast, open parking lot for at least 20 minutes… and then I was wondering 10 more minutes after finding my car, looking for James again.

Headed to MGL, dropped James off to be picked up by blue^, and driven to Davis, only to return the same night. Whoa. That’s like, a 2-hour drive each way, if not more. Whatever!

I stayed at MGL, had dinner, played a lot of beatmania III (and finally discovered the awesomeness of tsunagi mode).

Started to head home, and paid too much attention to the jazz on the radio (everyone in the Bay Area start listening to 91.1 NOW) and my speed, and didn’t realize that I was taking 680 into the Pleasanton area. Whoops. :\ Took 580 back and had a nice, relaxing ride home.

There you have it – a nice break from a monotonous work day.


I like to believe I know enough about politics to be able to vote based on my own beliefs. But “beliefs” are a big part of political preference in a two-party system, and I believe I might have narrowed them down…

Liberals: believe life is important
Conservatives: believe their life is important

A lot of people might see this viewpoint as skewed one way or another, but think of it:

  • Liberals are generally pro-environment, pro-world, and sorta anti-human in the same sense. Liberals don’t necessarily look out for what is best for their nation in their quest to make things more secure and advanced without first seeing how it will affect the environment and other nations.
  • Conservatives tend to strive toward things that will make them safer and more advanced, without caring too much about the safety of other nations or the environment. This often strengthens themselves and leaves others out, but no matter how inhumane that might sound, the attitude often has more benefits than it has drawbacks.

    Of course, these are all just thoughts of mine. I’m generalizing a whole freaking lot – there are several exceptions on each side.

    But just for a second, I’ll stop trying to be fair and balanced (regardless of how poorly I’m doing), and give a little peek into my own political beliefs:

    Who’s the real flip-flop?

  • Made my first post on the SA forums.

    Read it. It’s about how much AOL… um… I’m sure you can finish this sentence.

    My iPod is in “Shipped” status!! Hooray.

    That means eCost has sent the iPod to UPS, and it will arrive by way of UPS Ground within the next few days. Whoopee!

    A lot of nothing has been going on, so I’ve done a few things to try to fill that space.

    First of all, since a lot of goons have been making fun of stupid freshman posts on ucsc, I took the liberty of creating a new community called ucsc_incoming. It’s for incoming students to express concerns about moving in, or simply to introduce themselves. Introducing oneself on ucsc is looked down upon simply because of the community’s size – hundreds of people do not care who you are and they do not want to hear it.

    So so far, the community’s doing really well. No one’s really breaking the rules, and if they do, I’ll be there to moderate (unlike in ucsc, where the mod seems to have died).

    Next order of business… umm, okay. This might shock and disappoint some of you, and it’ll make me seem like a total hypocrite – especially because these were the same kinds of people I tried saving UCSC’s communities from, but…


    Why? Because I’m so freaking bored. And it was inevitable. I can’t beat ’em, I might as well join ’em and uh, make fun of them from the inside. And of course, it’s not as bad as I kept saying it was. All the retards that I hate are in FYAD, the forum for people to “chillax” and be “funny.” ‘Sides, now I have access to their BitTorrent Barn ‘n stuff.

    Thirdly, I was talking to Bob about starting an RP community. I haven’t done text RPing in about 4 years. And the format would be pretty similar to the way it was back then, but instead of a regular forum, it would use LJ. Sounds like a good idea to me.

    Is anyone interested? We’re not going for a theme; we’re rather open-ended. We just want to roleplay, goddamn it, not with any rules. If anyone is experienced in RPing (I know zell_dincht is king at it :P), feel free to give some advice if you’d like, and anyone’s welcome to join if and when we do decide to start this thing up.

    Lastly, I’m still rabidly checking about my order status. eCost is their supplier, and the item that’s out of stock is the 20GB iPod w/ click wheel. Once that site shows they’re in stock, chances are my order will be shipped.

    So there’re my ways to pass the time…