Subconscious plagiarism

Arg I did it again.

Back when I composed MIDIs, I made this nice melody for some game I was trying to do, and a few months later, someone came across my site and told me that the melody seemed to be stolen from the theme to Casper: The Movie, of all places. I was like wtf, I haven’t seen that movie in years. But I downloaded the track in question and I was like wtf I subconsciously stole. Likewtf. :(

And now I’ve done it AGAIN. I knew the drum intro for 新しい 二 was taken from somewhere, but I could find no clue at all as to what it was from, so I decided hey, it must be my own idea. A month later, The Earth Light by L.E.D. Light (from beatmania) shows up on my iPod and I’m like ARRGG ANGER.


8 thoughts on “Subconscious plagiarism”

  1. It’s not plagarism, really, if elements are being used and not the actual tune, because you can’t copyright chords and notes etc etc.
    Unless you just cut and pasted which I bet you did you iPod-winning bastard.

    1. Hmm. Well the Verve did *sample* a recording from the Rolling Stones song… so I can see how that’s illegal. But yeah still, the first case was total blatant copying. The second could definitely slide, though… especially seeing how artists like these make songs that all sound the same.

  2. When I see your other icon – Shoulin Soccer – I keep thinking that guy is about to projectile-vomit out onto my keyboard and then it’s as if he had nothing in his stomach after all and just bile comes out onto his face. Deliciousness prevails.

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