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Man alive, was tonight a night.

Punch in at Trader Joe’s, get my paycheck, and uh, then tell them that I’d be quitting in a week. Eh heh.

I start off on my nightly routine of wheeling items from the warehouse and breaking down pallets, and then I get the announcement that SEVEN PEOPLE (out of, like, 15) would be out tonight due to calling in sick or abruptly quitting. Well okay. I like fast-paced nights. I can get a lot more done, and it’s fun.

So I go back in the warehouse, loading cardboard into the baler, and a newbie asks me how to operate one of those mechanized jacks. The ones that are freaky hard to steer, but can lift enormously heavy crap with the push of a button.

I show him the basics, he nods in understanding, and then drives the jack RIGHT INTO TWO STACKS OF CASES OF GEROLSTEINER. Those’re the heavy, glass bottles of German mineral water. Before one can say “HOLY SHIT STOP THAT’S GLASS,” the entire warehouse is flooded with Germany’s finest.

So yeah, that takes about half an hour to mop up and clear all the glass away, until one of the full-timers comes over and zooms around, sopping up the excess in a Zamboni. :O

It’s back to work, just puttin’ the chipses on the shelveses, and I hear one fucking hell of a crash in the aisle next to mine – seems the spice rack had too many shelves rolled out, and it came loose from its backing wall. Jars of assorted spices cover the entire aisle – many of them broken – and there’s the rack, face down in the middle of the mayhem.

I don’t know. Bad, BAD karma. 7 people gone, flooded warehouse, broken spice rack, all in the same night. Maybe it’s to balance out the most important thing that happened with ME tonight, though:

I told this cute cashier that applied to TJ’s on the same day as me that I’m leaving for school in a few weeks, and she gave me her number, saying we should hang out. Now I don’t really know anything about her – I just sorta stutter when she asks me how I’m doing from time to time – but yeah. If I call her up, what should I suggest we do? Should I ask her what she likes? See if she’s doing anything? I don’t know.

And no, this is not a valid suggestion.

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  1. Suggest that you two hang out. This will likely be followed by her asking you what you like to do, which will likely be automatically and instinctively followed by you asking her what she likes to do, assuming she has some sort of an interest in you (which I’m guessing she has if she gave you her number), she’ll pick something you both like and that’s settled.
    Or you can get to know her, by calling her and seeing where the conversation takes you. I recommend the latter, but that’s just me.

    As for your lady friend, ask her if she wants to go ‘out’ and see a movie (the literal use of the word out is important, because it implies a date)
    if that fails, ask her if she wants to go ‘out’ and get a bite to eat and play DDR for five hours. if she doesn’t like that she’ll definitely want the movie idea.
    of course she may not like you sexually because you are one ugly sumnabitch

    1. I think a movie is too serious. Call her up say whts up whats new whats happening. Then take her up on the hanging out. if you have plans invite her to come along, if not make new ones

    2. I know about the two weeks notice. TJ’s little form thing says “no exceptions,” even. But my excuse is that school is starting soon and that I didn’t know exactly when it’d be starting up for me. At least I’m giving some form of notice instead of just quitting right away.
      Going to a movie for a first date is sorta stupid. You want to get to know someone, not sit in the dark for two hours, concentrating on something else.

  3. I’d suggest..
    you give me your trader joes employment number so I can use their employee discount to save a bunch of money while I buy up everything in the store.
    Or I could just buy a whole lot of alcohol..

  4. Wait a few days, preferably ~a week before calling her. If she really likes you, she’ll be overjoyed to hear from you. Ask to spend a weeknight with her.. it’s too easy for her to use the “I have plans” excuse for a weekend. Plus, weeknights are more likely to be free unless you are both working or something… tune it as you will. In any case, have a somewhat specific idea for something to do when you call her, and don’t just call to chat: bad form. Call her up, ask to head out to a movie/dinner/lunch/breakfast/cow tipping/cannibal ritual with a few days advance notice, say “sounds great, see you there”, and then proceed go out to whatever you were planning to do with her.If she likes you, all should go well. Also, watch for signs of how high her level of interest in you may be, to gauge if there’s some potential here. All of the above is to help lower the potential dweeb factor and raise the potential ‘neat confident guy’ factor.
    If you call her up the night she gives you her number, chat about nothing, and make indefinate plans, you’ll feel like an ass and won’t have gotten anything done.
    I’m not trying to preach, just counteracting the suggestions already on the thread.
    Those are my two cents, take them with the prerequisite salt grain.
    Oh, and helluva bad karma at work, man. But, maybe it was directed at someone else, NOT you. Seems like you just got caught in the crossfire as a rank and file employee.

    1. Well hey, nothing really bad happened to me, personally. Well actually I stubbed my big toenail on a box and it started bleeding. But yeah, it was just crossfires.
      Thanks for the advice. The few days thing sounds like a good tactic of sorts.
      And hmm. Still to think of exactly what to do. Cannibalism sounds pretty good…

    2. Not a week, that’s too long. A couple of days, at most. You want to show interest soon, keep in mind that she knows nothing about him, and so it’s not like it’s a friend you’ve been interested in for a while or whatever… when it’s a stranger, you want to cut the waiting down lest they pick someone else, thinking that you’ve rejected their offer. If there’s a party or soemthing that night, then it’s a good idea to call right away, saying “Hey, you gave me your number today, and there’s a party tonight, you wanna go?” does not make you seem desperate, as the timing of the party mandated a quick response, lest the opertunity past.
      (Disclaimer: I’ve never been on a date in my life)

    3. Don’t wait a few days, if you’re thinking of that stupid rule of wait — days, it’s stupid, take a hint from a girl and just call when you get around to it. If you feel like it, goahead, call her.

  5. Yeah deffinatly DO NOT call her right away… she might think you are a psyco…. lol. Then, maybe you could take her out to dinner…… I have ideal date in mind but its not hers… =)
    That does suck about work….. How much money was lost in Germany’s finest?? I cant even imagine….=P

  6. Man, I wish they had called me, I’d love the extra hours, and that sounds like a really fun night… I like it when everything goes wrong, it’s more interesting. ^_^
    Invite her to dinner and a jazz club. Pearls is good. For safety, tell her to bring friends and you will too and can I come? =P Meeting among friends is always best, imho.

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